Book cover of “Yes, My Demoness“ by Aster A. Parks

Yes, My Demoness

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Aster A. Parks
With an enemy kingdom threatening his empire, Albert Dragonheart, a mage of the Sunkig Empire, decides to risk his very soul to enlist the help of a powerful demoness, Nocturne Gloomblossom. As he gets to know the fierce warrior, his feelings for her grow. But what if the life he knew was a complete lie? And how will it affect his relationship with... 

Chapter 1

The nighttime. It was the most active time for any being that would call themselves a demon or demoness. It was also the most opportune time for those who practiced magic, like a mage. A mage like me. The moon and stars offered their own magic to those graced by their presence. Which would fuel my powers. I felt determined and convinced I would not fail in my task as I made my way to the middle of the Cursed Forest. It was the night of the new moon. A night when no light would shine on this deadly place. But even if you could not see the moon, she was ever present. In the absence of her light, the world of darkness grew more active. Influenced by the shadows covering the moon. The truth was this was an ideal night to summon a demonic entity. I was currently desperate to contact a demon or demoness. The reason was not a selfish one. The Empire I called home was under threat of a war with an overzealous new kingdom that was trying to conquer all kingdoms and empires with magic. They wanted to banish the mages, wizards, and witches that served these kingdoms. While this included me, it also included my people. Magic users were already a rare occurrence, and to eradicate them would be detrimental to society. Hence, my reason for hoping to contact a powerful entity that could give me information on the new kingdom. I wanted to know their weaknesses. Or maybe even advice on how to stop their reign of terror all together. I did not pray to the gods; I did not rely on things such as fate or destiny. I was relying on myself to find a way to protect magic users like me. In my empire, conducting dark magic stays officially forbidden for all mages. However, I was a royal mage who received permission from the King of the Sunkig Empire himself. He understood that we all were desperate for anything we could use to push the invading forces back. That was why I was so willingly risking my life in the Cursed Forest, looking for a demonic entity or really any entity who would be willing to save me and my empire.

“I hope this works.” I said to myself as I took off the hood of my cloak. I had made my way deep into the forest and noticed that the area around me was eerily quiet.

“Who.” I jumped when I heard an owl’s cry pierce the silence. I looked around and saw a large white owl perched on a tree nearby. I was slightly entranced by its large golden eyes.

“You’re quite a terrifying little owl.” I commented once my heart stopped trying to escape from my chest. “Are you going to watch me summon a demon? I bet you have seen plenty of demons in this forest before.” I spoke to the owl.

“Who.” The owl responded. It stared at me with a blank expression.

“I must be unwell, talking to a bird…” I huffed as I used my magic to make a clearing between the trees. I summoned a magic staff and then pulled out the grimoire I would be using to contact a demon from my cloak. I used my magic to place a salt circle around the area I planned to use to hold the demon. After I finished setting up a sigil in the circle, I opened the grimoire and turned to the page on contacting demons. “Alright Albert! You can do this!” I said to myself with determination. I read the ancient language from the grimoire and felt a great darkness flowing through me. I aimed my hand at the sigil I created and felt the great darkness surge out of me. “Come to me, demons! I call upon thee to answer my request!” I yelled out as the darkness poured out of me. It continued for several seconds, nearly draining me of all my magic. I felt strange and then concerned as the bulk of my magic rushed out of me. Suddenly, I fell to my knees from exhaustion and looked at the sigil sadly. The darkness swirled for a moment before it faded, revealing I had failed to summon a demon. “No…” I fell forward, my face landing hard in the dirt beneath me. I felt so heavy without my magic flowing through me. I realized something must have been wrong with the spell I had cast. It was in an ancient language we had not fully translated yet. I knew there was a huge risk in this task, but I had hope. Now I feel completely hopeless. Tears began to fill my eyes as I turned my head to the side so I could breathe. It was pointless, I knew that. My breath was becoming shallower with each exhale. I did not even care about the fact that I was a sitting duck for a demon. “Is this how it ends? Will I die here because of a failed spell? Or will a demon find me and eat me?”

“We do not eat humans, well, at least not your flesh.” A female voice said suddenly. I became overwhelmed with fear as I heard the sound of someone landing near me. She landed on the opposite side of where my head was facing. The woman stayed out of my line of sight as I tried to turn my head. I could barely breathe, so turning my head was completely out of the question.

“Who are you?” I asked. “A demoness?”

“Of course. Only demons inhabit this forest. Even the innocent animals humans tend to ignore are demons.” She whistled. I realized what she was implying.

“You are the owl I was talking to, right?” I asked.

“Guilty.” She cackled. “My name is Nocturne. I am a demoness of the highest degree. I once ruled over your ancestors in the glorious time of plague and famine.” She introduced herself proudly. I could hear her pacing about behind me. Was she sizing me up? Or was she simply bored and restless?

“If that is true, why have I never heard of you?” I asked. She chuckled darkly.

“A powerful mage defeated me by sending me back to the underworld. He trapped me there, until I recently escaped. I had to regain my powers because he cursed me to become weak!” Nocturne explained. She did not seem angry about this, so I was skeptical of her claim. “Luckily, I am the daughter of one of the kings of the underworld, so I did not have to deal with lesser demons while in my weakened state…being weak is the greatest fault a demon can have.” She sighed.

“Why come back if you are so powerful in the underworld? Surely you do not find humans to your liking.”

“Humans are pathetic creatures, but do you really think demons are any better?” She cackled. “I have returned to this world simply for my own pleasure. Being a princess in the underworld is quite boring, but if I live among you humans, I will always be entertained.”

“Is this why you are speaking to me? Am I entertaining?”

“No. You are not.” I felt her looming over me suddenly. “You are quite sad.”

“Thanks…” I said as I began to cough up blood.

“You drained all your magic and cursed yourself with that spell.”

“Figures…why does that always happen to those desperate to save others?”

“Is that truly why you were summoning a demon?”

“My Empire needs help…the insights of an immortal being could save my Empire and all the magic users like me.”

“Are you willing to sacrifice your life for the lives of others?”

“I am.”

“I see.” Nocturne fell silent as I felt her lean down and touch my back. “Then make a contract with me.” She offered suddenly.

“Can you save my Empire?”

“Most likely, but that is not why I am offering this to you.”

“Then why?”

“Because I like you.” She rubbed my back. “You are loyal, and I need someone who is loyal to help guide me through this era.”

“You wish for me to pledge my loyalty to you?” I asked as I felt blood begin to pour out of my mouth.

“I wish for you to enter an agreement of servitude to me.” Nocturne’s voice was laced with an emotion I did not recognize.

“In return you will save my Empire?”

“And your life…if you do not get treated soon, you will die.” Nocturne’s voice was calm as she spoke. I realized that this was most likely the best outcome for me to receive, given the circumstances.

“I agree.” I spoke. I felt Nocturne’s hand on the back of my neck. She brushed my hair out of the way and pulled down the collar of my hood.

“This will only hurt a lot.” She said before I felt her teeth sinking into the back of my neck. I screamed as a pain unlike any other shot through my entire body. I was quickly losing consciousness. “With this, you are mine.” I heard Nocturne say before I passed out completely.

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