Book cover of “The Destiny Series. Books 1-5“ by Rituparna Darolia

The Destiny Series. Books 1-5

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rituparna Darolia
The Destiny Series is a collection of five heart-warming love stories revolving around the Henderson siblings. 1. Destined Forever: Stefan Henderson, the oldest, meets the breathtaking Annabelle Carter at the wrong time in his life. Will life give him a second chance with her? 2: A Promise of Love: Tristan Henderson had always loved Amelia M... 

Author's Note

Thank you for selecting my story.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Copyright © Rituparna Darolia.

All rights reserved. No part of this novel may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author.

A brief introduction to the 'Destiny Series':

There are five books in the Destiny Series and each of them is as heart-warming as the other. If you believe in destiny and true love, then these books are just for you. Focused on the Henderson siblings, Stefan and Claire, Tristan, Julian, and Adrian, each book will leave you wanting more. These books are uncomplicated and will make you believe in the power of love. Based mostly in New York, these are a collection of slow-burn, passionate, sizzling contemporary romance stories. Each book is based on the concept of destiny. We are all destined to be together with the one chosen for us. Everyone has a soulmate chosen for them. We need to understand the subtle signs and recognize him/her for a happily ever after. Thus, the series is named The Destiny Series.

Book 1: Destined Forever

After her father's death, the Hendersons adopt Annabelle Carter. She believes in true love and destiny, but soon faces a setback when she falls in love with the oldest son of the Hendersons, Stefan Henderson.

The gorgeous billionaire, Stefan Lucas Henderson, meets Annabelle Carter at the wrong time in his life. Fighting an attraction for him despite the age gap, she feels devastated when she finds out that Stefan is married. She learns to live with her unrequited feelings when destiny gives her a second chance after four years. Annabelle comes face to face with Stefan when his grandmother is hospitalized. Will Annabella be able to able to stay away from him when she knows that he's divorced and available? Will Stefan ever make a move toward her? Can he reciprocate her feelings and accept her in his life despite the huge age gap between them?

What does destiny have in store for them? Will they fall in love or will they drift apart when Stefan's past catches up with them?

With a unique storyline and plenty of twists and turns, this story will surely keep you enthralled. Written in a first-person POV, the story covers both Anabelle's and Stefan's feelings to keep the reader engaged. Everything from Stefan's pursuit to the humor and touching moments makes this a heartwarming story.

Book 2: A Promise of Love

Amelia McGrath had always harbored a crush on her brother's best friend, Tristan Jayden Henderson. When he finally confessed his love for her, she couldn't contain her happiness. However, their happiness was short-lived, as fate had other plans for them. Amelia's family forcefully separated them. 

After eight long years, when they come face to face with each other, will they remember their high school love, or will they move on and find love elsewhere? Can Amelia handle Tristan's passion? Will she ever know what secrets Tristan is hiding from her? 

The story deals with how an overprotective and orthodox family separates two people in love and how they are reunited in the end. With plenty of twists and turns to depict a powerful message of 'Love Conquers All', this story will make you fall in love with the lead characters. The story is intriguing and the scenes are heartfelt and intense.

Book 3: Pursuing Love

Cassandra Daniels had seen so many hardships in her twenty years of life that she was off relationships for good. Her life solely revolved around her eighteen-month-old son and work. 

When the gorgeous billionaire, Julian Christian Henderson, pursues her, she is too scared to commit.

Will Julian truly pursue Cassandra or will he lose interest once he finds out all the dark secrets of Cassandra's life? What will happen when Cassandra's past catches up? 

Read on to find out how they embark on their journey together amidst lots of drama, passion, true love, family involvement, and much more.

Book 4: Chasing Azura

Chasing Azura is a sweet tale of how Adrian helps Azura and wins her over with his true love.

Adrian Sebastian Henderson meets the eighteen-year-old Azura Hayes at his hotel by chance. However, her innocence and her azure blue eyes attract him like a magnet. He chases her, pursues her, and solves her hardships. What does he expect in return?

Azura tries hard to stay away from her employer, but his good looks and caring personality make him stand out in a crowd. When he chases her and helps her out, she can't resist his charms anymore. Will she give in? To what extent can he go to get what he wants from her?

Book 5. Love Is You

Eighteen-year-old Claire Henderson always attracted unwanted attention for her attractive looks. So when her father arranges her marriage against her will, she retaliates against his order. When everything fails, she escapes to her aunt's house in California. There she meets her crush, the sinfully gorgeous Jason Crawford, as her neighbor. Can she deal with the man she always found irresistible? Can she save her heart this time? What happens when her dad finds out?

Jason Crawford has always liked Claire more than he should, but the five-year age gap between them makes him keep his feelings at bay. Soon, he moves away to California with his family, breaking all ties with her, and shattering her young heart. So when he meets Claire again after six years, how will he react? Will they rediscover their feelings for each other or will they move on ahead, giving in to their family pressure? The hot chemistry between the lead pair, the forced proximity, the little surprises all make the story unputdownable. 

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