Book cover of “The Rejected Luna“ by Belle Friday

The Rejected Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Belle Friday
Cassandra's heart shattered when her mate, the Alpha, spurned her. Once Smith assumed the role of Alpha, he unleashed his cruel nature, concealing it until he attained his desired position. He was a formidable king, ruling with a cruelty that knew no bounds. When Smith found his mate, he didn't just reject her; he reduced her to a mere pawn in h... 

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss sexual abuse. Reader discretion advised.



"It's your turn, Smith," Luke said bumping my arm.

I controlled the impulse to hit him on the head with the cue stick. My face went a dark shade of red before simmering down. I was the Alpha and he had to give me that respect even though we were brothers playing pool at the moment.

He must have noticed the change in my demeanor because he said, "Oh, I almost forgot. It's your turn, sir." He bowed. "Sometimes I forget how you're the Alpha now."

I nodded a little satisfied with this. He should know his place at all times. It was best they both did, I thought turning round to stare at Eric (my youngest brother) as I accepted the cue from Luke.

"It's fine, Luke. Just don't let it happen again." I said with a tight smile. "I don't want to have to keep my brother in the dungeons for insubordination."

With my hands steady, I aimed the red ball at the far left corner and hit the cue ball sending it to the exact place I needed it but my thrust was still rusty. At this rate, Luke was going to win the game which was something I couldn't allow.

Luke stepped forward to accept the stick from my hand. He smirked at me then said, "That's something you'd do huh? Throw your own blood in a dungeon."

"For insubordination. Yes." I completed it for him.

He nodded with a smile right before taking an easy shot reducing his balls on the table to only three. I still had twice that amount of balls on the table.

"That's what makes you the best Alpha so far dear brother," he said cheerily.

I had no idea if he was being sarcastic or maybe he was just fucking around but one thing I knew was that I didn't like his tone one bit.

He took his time moving around the table as he prepared for yet another shot. This time it was going to be a tricky one, unlike his previous shot which was the reason my mouth dropped when I watched as the ball he had aimed for entered the pocket. He was down to two balls now.

"How is father these days? I haven't seen him in a while." I turned to Eric.

He was the baby of the house and he was also closer to my Father. Eric was the one to ask about anything remotely related to the old man.

"He's fine. Just bitter often."

I nodded. It was obviously an age thing. Then there was the fact that he had lost his mate (my mother of course) at a time when he needed her the most. The pain was something I knew he never got over.

Luke pocketed yet another ball and was left with his last ball before the 8ball. I clenched and unclenched my fist tight as I thought of a way to turn this into a victory. The odds were impossible but I couldn't let him win like this.

"Is it insubordination if I kick the Alpha's ass in a game of pool?" he asked with a smirk.

He was enjoying this.I sighed. "Well, I have to leave. Some Alpha duties need my attention. I've wasted enough time fiddling with you guys."

I left before either of them had the chance to say a word. That was my only chance at avoiding the humiliation of losing to him. If he had won then I would have heard about it for Centuries to come. The local newspaper would have carried the news on the front page with Luke's big stupid grin plastered across it.

I walked through the halls heading straight for the calming safety of my chambers. It was my escape. My hiding place from the wicked world bent on chewing me alive. The guards and maids I passed trembled as I passed them in the hallway. I knew they all thought of me as the most heartless Alpha to ever take the throne. I couldn't care less. I had to be brutal if I want the world to take me seriously. The calm and gentle always end up being weak and they get chewed by life just like my Father.

I got to my chambers and plopped on the big bed. I loved the comfort I got from being the Alpha. It was the best part about the job. I could stay all day doing absolutely nothing and it would be fine. All I had to do was make sure the pack didn't go berserk one day and end up killing themselves. That was relatively easy to do. The hard part about the job was the boredom that came along with it. It was that same boredom that had pushed me into agreeing to a pool game with Luke. Good thing I had gotten out of that one unscathed.

"Dirkins!" I shouted.Dirkins was my male servant and what made him perfect for the job was how he could hear me from any given distance. He was clumsy and ultimately a terrible choice as a male servant but he made up for all that by being efficient.

"Yes sir." He walked into the room bowing low. If he would have greeted looking at me square in the eyes till I responded then his head would have rolled that afternoon in the center square of the Kingdom.

"Where is Cassandra?" I asked without concealing my irritation.

He thought about it for a minute before answering. "Sir I think she's in her room."

Her room was three doors from mine which I found annoying and insulting in so many ways but I wasn't going to complain. I was going to solve that very soon immediately after the construction of my new chambers was complete.

"Get her for me," I ordered him.

Dirkins bowed before retreating to complete the assignment I had just sent him on.

Cassandra was my mate to my greatest discomfort. I had found her and immediately we both knew it. I had found her in an orphanage my father built for both humans and werewolves who lost their families because of the Great war between the two factions. I had decided to bring her home with me upon discovering we were mates.

I hated the fact that she was my mate and there was nothing I could do about it. I also hated the fact that she was below me both in the ranking (she was either the lowest form of an Omega or worse, she was human) and in social status. She was a woman without an identity or a family that had to be fed all her life with her hands stretched out while I was the Alpha of the greatest pack - the Bleaming Pack.

She was here to satisfy me in whatever way I wanted and if she wasn't enough then I could easily get any girl I wanted to warm my bed for me. That was the way I liked it and nobody had the right to challenge me or call me to order.

Dirkins returned after some moment and behind him was Cassandra putting in a sleazy almost transparent grey wrap across her body. My tongue went dry instantly as I watched her with so much unquenched lust.

"You called for me sir."

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