Book cover of “The Revenge of the Rejected Luna“ by BlackSwan

The Revenge of the Rejected Luna

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: BlackSwan
"Accept my rejection, or I'll make your life miserable!" the Bloodlust Pack's prospective Alpha King declared his rejection of Luna, Gabriella. "But Prince Javier, you're my mate!" Gabriella was adamant. "l am Alpha, and rejection will not bother me!" "Prince Javier, I will not accept your rejection!" "In that case, brace yourself, because | wi... 

Chapter 1. Gabriella

Gabriella's POV

Slap! "You filthy omega, hurry up and clean all the dishes!" Screamed a ferocious she-wolf in my face. 

I could do nothing but speed up what I was doing. My hands suffered from frostbite and were already swollen. But I couldn't complain about it because that would only lead to more torture and beating. 

Though the Alpha and the Luna were kind to us and all pack members, it was inevitable that the higher ranks would despise and mistreat us. Who doesn't? We are just Omega! But even so, I ignore them because what's important to me is that I live quietly until I achieve my plans. 

"Gabriella, please place this meal on the table!" Veronica, the head of the maids, gave the order to me. I approached her fast and snatched the food Veronica was holding to place it on the long table in the dining area.

"Gabriella, make your move quickly. Prince Javier is on his way!" I just responded with a nod. 

I began walking towards the dining table, where I would place the meal. I heard Prince Javier, the Alpha of Bloodlust Pack's son, returned from his three-year training to become the pack's next Alpha. I hadn't met him yet because Prince Javier had already left for his training when I arrived at the palace as a maid. I entered the court at the age of eighteen. 

I came from an institution where all orphaned she-wolves were assigned to be maids to the higher ranks, saleslady, and sweepers, while the he-wolves could choose between being a gardener or a driver and many more. 

Everything from the orphanage was Omega, the lowest rank of all werewolves. They felt that Omega was the most vulnerable of all. Our rank may rise by our social standing, but for me, who came from an orphanage, I must accept what was meant for me. 

The arrival of Prince Javier kept all of the servants inside the palace busy. They ensured that his transition from his three-year training would be as easy as possible. 

"I'd like to see Prince Javier as well, Gab," Eury told me, one of the maids, my best friend. 

"We can't do anything, Eury, even if we wanted to. We are the lowest-ranking maids in the palace, so all we can do is wait for them to finish their meal," I said as I glared at her. 

Eury pursed her mouth and said, "Gab, I heard Prince Javier doesn't yet have Luna. Maybe if he sees me, he'll recognize me as his Luna!" I chuckled as a result of Eury's joke. "Don't allow your imagination to eat you. Don't mention something impossible to happen, Eury," I shattered Eury's illusion. 

"You know what, Gab? You're so annoying! Just be here for me, please!" Eury chastised me. I tilted my head and sat down while waiting for the Alpha King family to finish dinner. 

"Gab, I noticed a photo of Prince Javier in the room I was cleaning! He was young at the time, and I could tell he was gorgeous even though he didn't have that so man figure in the photo! Maybe he's attractive now, and his body is even more sculpted!" I received information from Eury. 

I turned to Eury and said, "I just wanted to remind you, Eury, that Prince Javier is the future Alpha of the Bloodlust Pack, and we are only Omega." 

"What if we're Omega, Gab? We don't know if the Moon Goddess will bestow Omega on Prince Javier as a Luna," Eury objected. 

"It's unusual for such an occasion to arise, Eury. High ranks are reserved only for high ranks. We, Omega, are also in favor of Omega!" I expressed my conviction. 

"Believe what you want, Gab, but I still hope that the Mate that the Moon Goddess will grant me is from the high ranks," Eury surrendered. 

I shut my mouth and didn't say anything else. Eury and I remained silent until our fellow maids summoned us to the dining area. Eury and I proceeded to the dining area to clear the dining table. 

Eury was upset when we arrived at the dining room and saw that the entire family had left. 

When we finished cleaning, Veronica summoned all of the maids and informed us of some important events in the palace. The maids' meeting lasted around 30 minutes as well. 

Except for reminders concerning Prince Javier, nothing has changed in our employment within the palace. The palace's longtime maids already know what they'll do, but since we haven't caught up with Prince Javier, we need to know what to do now that he's arrived in the Bloodlust Pack. 

After the preparation, we groomed ourselves before sleeping in our double beds. My bed was at the bottom, while Eury's was at the top. "Does your wolf not speak to you, Gab?" Eury inquired. 

"She didn't speak to me," I answered. 

"You told me she only talked to you when you were eighteen, Gab, and you're twenty now!" 

"I'm not sure. The last thing she mentioned to me was that she needed some time before speaking with me," I said. 

"You are the only werewolf whose wolf has abandoned you." 

"She didn't leave me. I'm sure she'll come and talk to me one of these days," I assured her. 

"But what if she doesn't?" Eury inquired. I exhaled a sigh. 

"I don't know. Maybe I'll be wolfless for the rest of my life," I replied sarcastically. 

"But..." When I spoke, Eury didn't complete what she wanted to say to me. 

"Eury, we need to rest. We need to sleep now because we have much to do tomorrow," I addressed Eury. 

Eury did nothing but follow my instructions, so we closed their eyes to rest. I woke up in the middle of the night due to the heat I was experiencing. 

I got out of bed and went to our quarters for fresh air. 

I went to the servants' mini-garden in the back of the palace. 

I sat in the cemented chair, enjoying the fresh breeze. 

The sky was clear, many stars were visible, and the night was peaceful. I sat up with a sigh of relief. 

I have no idea how long I sat before deciding to return to our room. I was going to return to our room when my arm was grabbed. 

I came to a halt and cautiously turned to see who was holding me, and I spotted a guy. 

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" I inquired of the guy, stuttering, my entire body becoming cold while coldly sweating. "Mate!" exclaimed the guy. 

"Mate? I am your mate?" I asked the guy, still in disbelief. 

I received no response from the guy. He gripped my arm forcefully and yanked it away immediately. 

"Let me go!" I yelled at the guy, but he didn't appear to hear me. 

The guy scooped me up, hopped at the gate, and ran into the woods.

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