Book cover of “The Twins' Mother“ by Midnight Snow

The Twins' Mother

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Midnight Snow
Heart William did not expect that the challenges of life would lead her down the path of becoming a surrogate mother. Struggling with her mother’s critical illness and her father’s imprisonment, Heart is determined to do whatever it takes to save her family. Swallowing her pride, she reluctantly agreed to sleep with a stranger in order to conceive ... 

Chapter 1

"Don't be concerned, Ms. Willian; you're young and in good health, which means that your body can recover quickly. While he was sterilizing my womb, the doctor told me that we would be able to perform the procedure again in a few weeks.

Heart William simply nodded her head while her eyes welled up with tears. She is aware that the tools are still present within her body. "I truly apologize. The infant passed away, and I have no idea what caused the tragedy. I complied with all of your instructions."

Even though Heart William was only 18 years old at the time, she did not anticipate that the challenges of life would lead her down the path of becoming a surrogate. Her mother was in the hospital passing away while her father was serving time in jail. In addition, this is the one and only thing that she is capable of doing for her mother.

Following the completion of the procedure, Heart William was allowed back into the operating room. She was greeted by a middle-aged woman who was dressed in a black suit.

"Miss William, I'm happy to report that the procedure was successful. In accordance with the contract that you signed, we will locate the most qualified physician for your mother and take measures to ensure that she receives the utmost attention from that individual. However, before trying to conceive, you should make sure that your physical and mental health are both in good shape.

Veronica Thomas, who works for Heart William's employer, is the one who is having this conversation with her. "In addition, this was included in the contract that you signed. If you become pregnant, you have to put your education on hold immediately in order to ensure that your child will be born healthy," she continued.

Heart was at a loss for words, so she simply nodded while fighting back the tears. The next thing she does is subconsciously rub her stomach. She is still a virgin, but she was forced to become pregnant in order to carry the child of a man she has never met.

As quickly as she could, Heart wiped the tears from her face. After this, she is certain that the word "happiness" will never again be part of her lexicon. She was under the impression that the only thing left for her to do after the artificial conception was to wait to give birth. However, the attempt at artificial conception was unsuccessful for unknown reasons.

"In light of the fact that the initial test was unsuccessful, Ms. William chose to rest during this period." Veronica said, "I will get in touch with you in the next few days."

Heart wonders. "Assistant Thomas, will it be necessary for me to undergo another operation?"

“Nope. Just hold tight while I get everything arranged, okay?"

Assistant Thomas makes good on her promise and sends a car to pick up Heart William at the front gate of the school.

Since Heart had agreed to the terms of the contract, she sat quietly in the car and made no inquiries. The vehicle came to a stop in front of a villa.

There will be sufficient time to tidy up before the arrival of Miss, the young master, who will arrive at dawn. "The young master prefers that everything be tidy," the maid remarked as she led the lady to her room.

As she gave a small affirmative nod, Heart clenched her fist tightly. Now the thing that she dreaded the most was actually happening to her. Because this is a surrogacy arrangement, it means that Heart is willing to become pregnant through any means necessary.

Following the shower, the maid will bring you a new set of lingerie. It was a red lace nightgown that reached above the knees and covered almost nothing at all.

Heart compel herself to dress provocatively by wearing lingerie. After she had put it on, she laid down on the strange bed, trembling because she was nervous.

The room is pitch black, and the only source of light is the dim light provided by the moon, which shines like a torch across the room. The door then opened with a creaking sound.

The sight of the man's shadow causes the heart to clutch at the pillow. After that, he comes to a stop in front of her. Because the man was concealing himself with a light stick that he carried on his back, she was unable to recognize him.

A chill emanated from the man as he asked, "Are you an adult?" while simultaneously slipping his hand into his pocket.

“Huh?” Heart was speechless for a few moments after he asked the question. "I turned eighteen."

The man was silent for a split second before continuing. He made a snide remark to the effect of, "You're so small!"

Hearth has already taken the first half of the man's payment and gone through a number of ordeals, but she believes that the man was sincere in his desire to change.

"Sir, I'm not a little person! According to my physician, I am in excellent health, so I could-" When Heart saw that the man did not respond to her statement in any way, she did not finish her sentence. "Please accept my apology one more time... I've been careful ... But I can't figure out why it didn't work..." She spoke in an almost pleading tone, saying, "Sir, I'm an adult, and I'm not small anymore." If it weren't for her mother, she never would have been able to mutter those hurtful words to a total stranger. Heart detested her illness, but she knew that she had to put up with everything for the sake of her mother. She is going to spare no effort in her quest to preserve her life.

The man retorted in a chilly manner, "I give you another chance to change your mind."

“No! I am not going to reconsider my decision!" She responded in a firm manner. The fact of the matter is that Heart detested this, but there was nothing she could do about it. The well-being of her mother is of utmost importance at the moment.

The man stood there without speaking, and Heart could hear him unbuttoning his shirt. The man did not speak. She is relieved that the room is pitch black because it conceals her fear from the man who is in the room. When the tall and naked body of the man presses on Heart, she clings to the blanket for support.

Because this is her very first time, she is completely clueless about what to do. As Hearts felt the man's hands on her lower body, she pleaded with him, "Sir... it's my first time, so please be gentle,"

The man let out a gasp. Despite the fact that he did not respond, the manner in which he caressed Heart shifted, and this caused Heart's nervousness to diminish slightly.

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