Book cover of “The Good Fix“ by Lustre Okengwu

The Good Fix

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lustre Okengwu
Caught in the middle of a heated encounter with Roman in the janitor's closet, Shantelle's reputation takes a hit when the principal discovers them. Determined to avoid further damage, she distances herself from Roman, only to find herself drawn to Seven, a captivating new student with a mysterious air. Her friend Keshon warns her about Seven's rep... 

Chapter 1

Shantelle’s POV

“You’ve been such a fucking tease all day.” Roman Lightwood closed up the tiny space between our bodies, his striking gray eyes glazed with mischief and a burning desire. Coyly, I tilted my head ever so slightly regarding his rakishly handsome features, which, of course, had to be the only good thing about him.

A few strands of his drawn-back golden brown hair fell against his forehead, somehow blending with the appealing light bronze of his skin. Momentarily, it took my mind back to the day I’d caught his tanned body stark naked after one of his regular swims at Bay Bliss private beach, dripping in all shades of every girl’s filthiest fantasy. Intertwining my index finger, I pulled the stray hair aside and gazed straight at his hooded eyes.

“What if I told you I have no idea what you’re talking about?”

“Dirty liar,” he whispered breathily against my ear. His calloused palms trailed down the length of my curves and only stopped to play with the hem of my school skirt, brushing provocatively against my thighs and sending a hot shiver through my body.

“Why do you love these games so much? You’re obsessed with the chase—the thrill of having someone crave you. Maybe that’s why you pushed your ass against me during chem. Do you know how hard that got me, baby? Do you?”

My breath hitched as he pushed harder against me and had my back hit the utility table behind me, causing the steel mop to fall. The mini chaotic clash rattled more loudly than it should have in the enclosed janitor’s stink closet. However, none of that mattered, or at least not at that moment. Roman’s engorged dick stretched against his black uniform pant, and he took no shame in having it poke against my midriff. Among other negligible things, I loved that the most—how easy it was for him to throw caution to the wind when his needs came calling.

More so, how easy it was to have him crumbling at my fingertips. He was the perfect prey or, at least, the sexiest as far as Apex Academy was concerned.

“Hmm. You’re going to have to do better than that, boy.” I smiled mischievously and bit my lips lightly… Just the way he liked it. “Fuck.”

Lust darkened his eyes as they were quick to dart to my lips, and he licked him with as much urgency. In a heartbeat, the world fell away, and Roman swept me off my feet, quite literally, and dropped me over the utility table. He pushed his stud-like lips against mine and didn’t waste one more second before he sucked, nibbled, and consumed me as if his life depended on getting a taste. Heat pulsed through every inch of my body as I breathed in his intoxicating cologne, and everywhere his fingers caressed left a trail of wanton hunger. I tried to match his every move with as much finesse as possible.

He bit softly into my lips and kneaded my thighs, going through to rub my inner jewels with the perfect place to make any sane lady go crazy. Deep arousal erupted from my lips in a soft moan, and my hands wrapped around his head, firmly bringing him up for another kiss.

As always, he tasted like vodka, sin, and everything else in between. The precise dosage I needed to get my fix.

“Roman…” I panted sensually against his lips.

“You love this, don’t you?” His tongue, wickedly delicious as they were, moved to my neck, and he sucked sweetly. My heart raced, and that traitorous moan got the best of me again. Not that I ever complained.

“Baby, I’m going to need those pretty lips wrapped around my cock soon.”

That was my cue. “You do?”

“Fuck yes.”

Threading my fingers through his hair with one hand, I placed the other against his chest and felt through his white academy t-shirt down to his belt level. His well-defined torso, perfectly carved from all his time dedicated to swimming, infused an exciting promise to my body—the unholy thoughts of going skin to skin with him drove me to whisper breathily, leaning in, dangerously enough to draw him in and missing his lips by a deliberate inch hands grabbed onto his strong shoulder blades on their own accord his belt buckle.

Small beads of sweat lined up on his forehead, and he stared straight into my eyes with explicit hunger. They were clouded with the type of desperation that looked so fucking good on him. It set fire to my bones. Leaning in closely, dangerously enough to draw him in and missing his lips by a deliberate inch, I whispered breathily.

“You’re not asking nicely enough.”

Grey eyes flared to storms and darkened in both irritation and excitement. His angular jaws clenched hard together, and we exchanged an unblinking stare down with fire in our eyes. Maybe it was all part of the foreplay, but something about that little power play did wicked things to my senses.

Then, slowly, his lips inched up into a devious smile. “Fine. You win.” As always. “Your wish is my undying command.” Smug satisfaction reared its ugly head as he said those words and even more flipped the butterflies in my belly when he got to his knees, taking his time to drop generous kisses on my thighs before spreading my legs apart on the utility table.

Now, we’re talking. A feverish rush of ecstasy climbed up my spine the second Roman pulled my lace panties aside and had his middle finger coiling into my core. On their own accord, my hands grabbed onto his strong shoulder blades as I threw my head up in unfettered bliss.

“Just like that…” I moaned, shutting my eyes.

“Look how wet you are, baby.” His strokes went harder and deeper and unmatched.

Bits and bits of reality faded into a blur of wild carnal flame. My breathing came in short waves, and nothing else mattered at the moment. Not the judgment, not the hate, and most definitely not the rumors. This single feeling was all I needed to lose myself and everything I tried to control.

However, just when I thought nothing else could match the intensity and sensation Roman gave me, with a low guttural sound, he pulled my body closer to himself and hooked my legs over his shoulders. A gasp stole its way out, which, in a matter of seconds, graduated into an uncontrollable cry of pleasure when his tongue ran its way down the moistness of my core. I grabbed a thick mass of his hair and possibly plucked out a few in my lust-driven madness.

He flicked his tongue repeatedly against my clitoris, not forgetting to lick appreciatively and suck on them. Uninhibited arousal built in me—the heat was surging on straight from my pussy and high up my body. The stars danced in my eyes, and the weight of the world fell away as Roman ravished me faster and faster, doing unholy things to my senses.

“Uh… yes… Yes!” My efforts not to yell were futile, and as my grip tightened on his head, every bit of my being came undone at his mercy. I cried out in pleasure as hot spasms of ecstasy held my body and breath. Mount Everest had nothing on me in that peak moment of aphrodisiac satisfaction. I was whole again.

It took me a is going on here in the good lord’s name few seconds to return from my momentary high, and the first thing that had my attention was the sweat trickling down my body, followed by the foul smell that oozed from within the janitor’s closet. I screwed up my nose. However, before either of us had the opportunity to say a word or act, all hell set loose.

The squeaky small entrance door swung open with a baffling force, enough to have it unhinged. A small frown marred my features as our eyes snapped at the door. No one should be here—it was lunchtime, after all. Roman rose to his feet, and an irritated brow arched as he moved toward the door. When no one entered for about a second, it all came to a freezing halt. Wide, horrified eyes darted back to mine, and he swore under his breath, taking a few steps back.

My heart dropped, and that was all the cue I needed to hop off the utility table on shaky legs. Maybe it was the orgasm. Perhaps it was fear. Who knew?

“What, in the good lord’s name, is going on here?”

The lady’s shattering, loud voice pierced through the tense silence of the closet. Her hard, unamused face came to view as she glared harshly at Roman and me, a tinge of disappointment momentarily flickering through her eyes when she stared at me. Fuck, no.

Not Mrs. Dakota Moore.

Anybody but Principal Dakota Moore.

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