Book cover of “Change Husband“ by Akina

Change Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Akina
“You should marry your sister’s fiancé. And your sister will marry yours.” Rachel was supposed to be a happy bride, eagerly anticipating her dream wedding with the love of her life, Michael. But just three days before the wedding, her father forces her to switch places with her sister, Lea. Before she knows it, Lea is walking down the aisle with... 

Chapter 1. Regret

“Rachel, you should marry your sister’s fiancé. And your sister will marry yours,” said Mr. Hans to his daughter.

“What? Did I hear you right? Why should I exchange husbands with my sister? We already love each other. Why should we exchange our fiancés, Dad?” she protested.

“Your sister has agreed. Why do you have to protest, Rachel?” said Mr. Hans.

Rachel sighed. She felt her father was being very unreasonable. Why should he exchange her future husband? He should support her decision. Moreover, Rachel was deeply in love with Michael, her future husband. But her father’s decision couldn’t be ignored. Did she really have to marry Mario, Lea’s future husband?

Rachel felt overwhelmed that day, even though her wedding was just three days away. All the preparations had been taken care of by Mr. Hans, and it was too late to make any changes. Her love for Michael had to come to an end. But Rachel needed to see Michael right now. She quickly sent a message to him to arrange a meeting.

[Dear, can we meet at the park near my house right now?]

The message was immediately sent, and Michael replied to Rachel’s message.

[Okay, I’ll be there in ten minutes.]

Rachel waited for Michael at the city park, and soon he arrived. “Dear, did you know that…” Rachel began, but Michael interrupted her.

“I know. I’ll marry your sister, and you’ll marry your sister’s fiancé, right?” Michael continued.

“How did you find out?” she asked.

“Your father told me earlier,” Michael replied.

“And you agree to it?”

“What else can we do? We have to follow your father’s decision,” Michael answered, sounding resigned.

Rachel sighed. Why did everyone seem to surrender to her father’s decision? Even Michael, who always professed his love for her, just agreed to marry her sister. “So you don’t love me anymore?”

“It’s because I love you that I’m willing to do this, Rachel! Don’t think that I don’t like or love you. I’m doing this because I have no choice. You also have to do what your father asks if you love me,” he replied.

“Fine, do whatever you want! I want to go home. If that’s what you want, I won’t force it.” Rachel left the park feeling defeated. Her world felt shattered. The person she loved surrendered and didn’t fight for their future.


Three days later…

The weddings between Rachel and Mario and between Lea and Michael were held simultaneously at Mr. Hans’s house. Happy faces were seen all around, including the bride and groom, except for Rachel. She accepted Mario as her husband, but not with her heart. She felt like she was being played with, especially because she never loved Mario.

During Mr. Hans’s speech, Mario noticed that Rachel, now his wife, looked uninspired. He reached out to take her hand, but she pushed him away. On the other hand, Lea and Michael looked blissful and happy, holding each other’s hands tightly.

After the wedding ceremony, Mr. Hans greeted all the guests, but Rachel chose to retreat to her room, no longer interested in the wedding festivities that were becoming unbearable for her.

In her room, Rachel cried, cursing herself for believing that the world could be so cruel and deny her happiness. She had hoped to be happy with her future husband, but those dreams were quickly shattered. She had to accept the fact that she was now married to her sister’s future husband.

Mario followed her into the room, feeling sorry for Rachel.

“Why did you leave the wedding, Rachel?” he asked.

“What do you expect me to do? Should I pretend to be happy? I can’t force myself to pretend when I’m hurting so much. Why didn’t you speak up when my father switched our future spouses? Do you truly love me? I’m leaving. There’s no point in staying here when I’m in pain.” Rachel, still dressed in her peach-colored gown, got up and packed some clothes into a suitcase from her wardrobe.

“Don’t go, Rachel! I promise I’ll make you happy. Please, don’t go!” Mario pleaded, trying to prevent her from leaving.

“Why can’t I go? I have the right to stay or leave,” Rachel replied, continuing to pack her belongings.

“No! I beg you! Please don’t go! You’ll understand why your father made this decision eventually,” Mario pleaded sincerely.

Rachel remained resolute. She felt confused that everyone seemed to know about her father’s plan except for her. She was utterly bewildered by the whole situation.

“Please leave my room!” Rachel shouted.

“Fine, I’ll leave, but please don’t go, okay?” Mario asked once again.

Rachel remained silent. After Mario left the room, she locked the door from the inside. She sat at her dressing table, feeling overwhelmed. She regretted her actions. She thought about running away and refusing this marriage. However, her father’s influence was too strong, and she couldn’t fight against it. She deeply regretted agreeing to this marriage.

After spending quite some time alone in her room, there was a knock on the door. Rachel felt reluctant to leave her solitude. Her father’s voice, combined with the knocking, made her even more uncomfortable.

“Rachel, open the door!” Mr. Hans shouted from outside her room.

Reluctantly, Rachel made her way to the door and opened it. “What is it, Dad?” she asked.

“Why did you lock the door? You and Mario are legally husband and wife. Don’t act like you don’t know,” snapped Mr. Hans.

“You’re the one who wanted this marriage. I didn’t want any of this. I’ve done what you asked for. Don’t force me to do anything more than this!” Rachel retorted, not backing down.

“Rachel, just accept your fate! It’s for your own good,” said Mr. Hans, leaving Rachel feeling extremely upset.

Rachel sobbed in front of her room, feeling like her life was being destroyed by this forced marriage. Mario tried to enter the room, saying, “Come on, let me inside!”

Rachel pushed Mario away until he fell. “Don’t touch me! I don’t want to.”

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