Book cover of “Exchange Fate: Entrapped to My Sister's Husband“ by Beanie bola

Exchange Fate: Entrapped to My Sister's Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Beanie bola
"Don't touch my things, stay at least 3 meters away from me, and most importantly, don't touch me," were the cold words thrown at Hadley on the night of her wedding. Isn't that ridiculous? Her husband was asking for something so outrageous, but Hadley submitted to her fate because the man was not hers to begin with. Hadley Jenkins is a young girl... 

Chapter 1

"Raise your head high!!" the instructor yelled, frustratedly looking at Hadley, who was doing the opposite of what she had taught her. 

The country's pumpkin was giving her a headache. 

"Ok," Hadley smiled apologetically but heaven knows that was the opposite of what was going on in her head. 

She so much wanted to rip someone's head right now. Why does she need to walk like an ostrich just for a dinner party? 

The way of the rich is different. 

"We are going to do it again and this time, you have to get it right," the woman said and Hadley nodded knowing she was still going to the opposite. 

"Stop!!!" The woman yelled with all her veins bulging out which looked funny to Hadley and she avoided her eyes not wanting to be caught smiling. 

"You need to catch up on the training. How do you intend to fool Elliot? All you do is walk like a toad," the woman exaggerated and that got her thinking. 

Does a toad walk?? 

"A toad doesn't walk Miss Freya," Hadley replied the woman in her early 50s and she shot her a glare. 

"I hope Miss Hadley remembers why you are here, you are here to just fool Elliot and after that, you go back to the hell hole that you came from, I hope till then you will behave," the woman said irritatingly and she instructed her subordinates in the room before walking out of the room. 

Yes, her job was to sit pretty and make her twin sister's fiance's family believe she was her twin sister. 

How does she get herself here, Hadley thought, remembering how the misfortune all transpired. 


Just some hours ago she was enjoying her life in the comfort of her house in the countryside until a woman in expensive clothes came knocking on her door claiming to be her grandmother and saying she had to step in for her twin sister she didn't even know existed and it was all just going to be for a day. 

It was going to her twin's engagement party and she had to fill in for her which was going to be eventful. 

She heard her twin was going to get married to one of the most eligible bachelors in the country H and she wondered why her twin went missing if the catch was good. 


8 PM 

The sound of people socializing and mingling could be heard and the hotel hall was at its peak with classical music playing in the background and some couples were already scattered on the dancing floor. 

Hadley dressed up in a shimmering red dinner gown, adorned with exquisite accessories and light make-up which she finds pleasing makes her way into the hall dragging the heels she found discomforting. 

"I hate heels," Hadley lamented and she heaved a heavy sigh seeing the buzzing hall. She should have just followed her father but her makeup team took long before finishing now she had to enter the lion's den herself. 

"We just have to act like the rich Ella Gilbert for a night so, let's do it right," Hadley mumbled, sighing heavily. 

Here goes nothing, Hadley muttered but before she sauntered into the hall her view was blocked by a body in a suit. 

Hadley looked at the man and his face was well sculpted with definite features, his auburn hair tousled to the back and his navy three-piece suit that fitted his body Hadley smiled seeing someone so handsome. 

OMG, my eyes are blessed, she exclaimed in her head and her expression said everything about what was going on in her head but the man in front of her didn't care. 

"Stop that grin, it irritates me, Davis," the handsome man that just blocked her pact called someone, and Hadley as a sharp-mouthed person already wanted to give the man a piece of her mind isn't he the one that blocked her way but a familiar voice called out behind him. 

"Maurice," she heard her father whom she just met some hours ago and Hadley's eyes widened. The handsome man in front of her was supposed to be her fiance and she almost abused him now. 

Well done Hadley that's a superb move to tell the whole world you are a fill-in. 

"Yes Mr. Gilbert," he answered smugly and from the look of it doesn't look like he likes her father. 

"Take this glove, Miss Ella we would rather not keep the guests waiting," he urged, shoving a glove into her hand and he made sure he avoided skin contact with her which Hadley didn't notice. 

A glove?? Are we in the 80s? And why was he formal with his fiancee? 

"Why am I using a glove?" Hadley asked, confused, and her supposed fiance and his assistant looked at her like she was an alien. 

"What do you mean? You know the drill so, what now," he snapped and Hadley got pissed. 

This man lacks manners, she thought but the look from her father got her to collect the glove. 

Hardley collected the glove and she wore it cursing the man in front of her in her head and she straightened herself. 

He elbowed out his arm and Hadley wanted to slide her arms into it but his voice stopped her. 

"Stay 3 meters away from me as usual," he ordered and Hadley almost lamented. 

3 meters? So she would have to stay away 3 meters from him while her arms stayed glued to his? 

It's going to be an ostrich pageant tonight. 

"Let's go," he ordered and Hadley straightened herself, following every one of his rules. 

Looks like my neck is in for a long trip tonight, Hadley thought when she raised her head high following her fiance she made sure she was some meters distant from him. 

They walked into the hall and many people looked at them in admiration and it was more like they were looking at the man beside her in admiration. 

She looked almost invisible. 

Some congratulated them on their engagement and some just solely greeted Maurice snubbing her which was mostly girls but the favor was returned because he doesn't give them a face a bit. 

"Oh my Ella you look so beautiful your mother is so blessed," Maurice's mother says the woman looked beautiful and Hadley recognized her because she looked almost like her son. 

Both beautiful. 

"But why haven't I seen her," Maurice's mother asked, looking around for my father's wife but my father answered and the woman went back to the guest. 

Hadley got suffocated being among the high class and she doesn't know socializing would be so difficult than pretending to be a fill-in. 

"I think you should go and meet some people Maurice I am sure it would also help Ella loosen up," Maurice's mother said that Hadley finds lively because she had been nothing but nice ever since she got to the party and she grumbled son agreed. 

"Stop gripping my arm," Maurice complained and Hadley rolled her eyes. 

"I would have loved to but don't forget that is the only thing making us look like a loving couple that we are not, so do you want me to let go?" Hadley asked and the man creased his eyebrow wondering why the quiet woman he knew was being fierce tonight. 

Hardley walked rigidly beside him as he went greeting different people and since they were not walking arm in arm again, Hadley decided to get a drink. 

"Hadley," she heard someone call her name in disbelief and her body stiffened. 

Did someone recognize her? And when she looked up she saw Maurice looking in her direction. Ok, the show hasn't even started but she already got caught. 

Is this game over??? 

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