Book cover of “Finding a Way“ by Cassie Strangeworm

Finding a Way

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Cassie Strangeworm
Precious, an Omega, embarks on a journey with her family to meet the Moonlight Pack's alpha, Joseph, who seeks to court her sister Laura. However, upon their arrival at the majestic pack mansion, Precious finds herself inexplicably drawn to Joseph, even though he seems indifferent to her. Unexpectedly, Precious goes into heat, which makes it har... 

Chapter 1


I caught a glimpse of the border ahead, marked by an ancient oak tree. Sweat dripped down my forehead as I checked over my shoulder. The sound of thundering paws and crunching leaves echoed through the forest as the pack of wolves chased me. I let out a groan, knowing they wouldn’t cross the border but also aware that I needed to reach the tree in time to take shelter.

Just as one of the wolves was closing in, I made a sharp turn and leaped over a fallen tree. They were faster and stronger than me, but I had the advantage of agility and experience. Being smaller meant I knew how to dodge, maneuver through sharp turns, and leap over obstacles quicker than they could.

Suddenly, a larger, scarier wolf nearly took a chunk out of my leg with its sharp claws. I stumbled and fell face-first onto the ground, feeling a sharp pain shoot through my right leg.

“Ahh!” I let out a cry as I looked down and saw a deep gash oozing blood. Tears pricked at my eyes as I felt the wolves approaching, their intent clear.

With a deep breath, I closed my eyes and let the rush of adrenaline surge through my veins. I used it to push myself up onto my feet and sprint toward the border. I could feel the wolves behind my back, but I kept running with every ounce of strength left in me.

I barely made it.

I halted in my tracks, my back pressed against the massive trunk of the tree. I knew I was as good as dead if the wolves crossed the border. My leg throbbed with pain, and my lungs burned from exhaustion. There was no way I could keep going any longer.

Relief and joy flooded through me, almost causing tears to spring to my eyes as I watched the wolves come to a sudden stop. They piled onto each other, their barks confused and disoriented. I collapsed onto the ground, clutching my injured leg with both hands as I leaned against the tree for support, gasping for air.

The wolves slowly disentangled themselves, making way for their leader to approach me.

“If you ever dare to trespass on our territory again, I’ll rip your head off, do you understand?” His deep, intense voice boomed and vibrated the ground beneath me.

Suddenly, I jerked awake and looked around, realizing I was in my room. My chest heaved as I gasped for breath, feeling the morning sun on my forehead, which was covered in sweaty strands of hair.

It was that same nightmare again. I couldn’t understand why I kept having it, nor did I know who those people were or why they chased me relentlessly.

In this world, people were categorized into three classes: alphas, betas, and omegas. Alphas reigned supreme and were considered superior in every aspect. Betas were second-in-command, while my weak omega race was at the bottom of the hierarchy. We were treated like breeding machines and sex slaves to alphas, and only high-class elite omegas were given respect. Alphas and omegas had a higher chance of producing a pure alpha, who inherited all the dominant genes from an alpha, so alphas typically mated with omegas. Betas and alphas usually got married.

Nobody cared for a pathetic, weak omega like me. It wasn’t my fault that I was born an omega, but what was so wrong with that, anyway?

I sighed as I thought about it, knowing that nothing good ever came out of dwelling on my lowly status. I pulled the sheets away from my body and stood up, making sure to make my bed before I stepped out of the room. If I didn’t, my mother would starve me for the entire day.

Once my room was spotless, I closed the door behind me and started down the stairs.

“What about this one?” I heard my father’s voice echo as I stood on the edge of the stairs. I held my breath, trying not to get caught listening in on their conversation.

My parents had been on the hunt for a suitable alpha for my sister, following the traditional practice of our community. They believed an alpha should be attractive, wealthy, and gentle. However, I had already found the one for me, the one who distracted me from all my pain and sorrows. But I couldn’t tell my parents because they didn’t care about me.

As I listened to my parents argue, I tried to keep myself hidden. My mother didn’t want an alpha who was too rough for my sister, while my father reminded her that all alphas were a bit rough. They even talked about finding a mate for me, too, but my mother dismissed the idea.

I couldn’t hold back my tears at my mother’s cruel words. They didn’t care about me or my happiness. If only they knew about the one who had already captured my heart…

I wiped away my tears, sniffling softly. I made a point to stomp my feet and cough loudly before entering the room. Two pairs of eyes followed me as I walked toward the kitchen, but I didn’t bother to greet them. A lump was stuck in my throat, so I just got on with making breakfast.

“Good morning, Precious,” my father’s voice made me pause as I walked past him.

I looked back at him and nodded my head.

My mother made a face. “Look at her. She can’t even say good morning.”

“Sandra, it’s early. She just woke up,” my father said.

“Whatever,” my mother replied before turning her attention to the pile of files on the table.

I slipped into the kitchen, washed my face with cold water, and sucked in a deep breath. I resolved not to cry again and focused on preparing breakfast.


In the evening, when my parents left for their evening tea, I snuck out. My sister Laura was still at her university studying economics, so she wasn’t home yet. I didn’t understand how her classes ended so late, but my parents never let me go to university, so I wouldn’t know.

“Precious!” I heard someone call out my name.

I turned to see Asher, my alpha, waving at me from a distance. We couldn’t meet at my home since my parents didn’t like him, but we had been meeting at the same spot for the past four years.

“Hi,” I said, smiling and making space for him on the bench.

Asher looked at my face, his eyes narrowing. “Did you cry again?”

I was surprised. How did he know? I had made sure to wash my face thoroughly.

“Your eyes give you away, Precious. Even if you try to hide it,” Asher said.

I looked away, feeling frustrated. Sometimes, I hated that Asher knew me so well, but I couldn’t stay mad at him.

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