Book cover of “Legend of the Hybrid: The First Family“ by O. Gabriel

Legend of the Hybrid: The First Family

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: O. Gabriel
Battles for love, power, and dominance between different families of vampires, werewolves, gypsies, and witches. My name is Clinton Payne, and I am a hybrid. I have lived for 1000 years. 20 years ago, my elder brother and junior sister conspired against me. They drove a daemon dagger into my heart and buried me in an underground tomb. I owe my t... 

Chapter 1. Lost in the Woods

The thickness of the night was so blinding that Mary Brown couldn’t find her way around the woods. She had been lost after getting separated from her fellow peers who had gone camping. The leaves crunched underneath her feet. The wind whistled through the trees. The only smell that settled deep down her soul was the smell of damp wood after rainfall.


She glanced around continuously. Clammy sweat seeped from her pores. All she could feel was fear in the hair on the back of her neck. She wasn’t a camping type. She hated nature, and nature hated her.

“Hello… Simon… Jack… Lucy, anyone there?!”

She continued calling the names of her peers she had come with, but there was no response. The only response she could hear was the spooky sound of the woods.

“Oh my God,” she gagged automatically. “I am lost.” A soft sob escaped her lips.

Her phone had been stashed inside her camping backpack. Had she known, she would have taken it wherever she went. It could have paid a good dividend this moment by serving as a source of light, and with her cell phone, she could have called for help.

Mary panted as she placed her hand on a fig tree. She had suddenly lost her breath to fear. Beads of tears streamed down her eyes, ruining her makeup. Fear had overwhelmed her. Her heart raced faster than normal.

When she felt like she had caught her breath, she leaned up and glanced around.

“Simon, Jack!” she called out once more like someone with desperation.

She had no idea where she was in the woods and no means to figure that out. As the spooky sound of the woods continued to grow louder in her ears, her fear grew stronger, as if an invisible hand was running along her spine.

“Lucy…” she barely squeezed out in a quaky voice. Her courage had been betrayed.

Her eyes gleamed with horror. The thick darkness overshadowed her as if she were the one taking refuge in the shadows of darkness.

She resumed her panting and shambled down the snaky path. No moon to guide her path or stars to light her way. All she did was trust her instincts as she continued to shamble down the snaky path.

Her heart was heavy with deep, sorrowful groans that her mouth couldn’t utter. The situation she had gotten herself into had locked her in with fear. She was already feeling feeble but didn’t stop.

Chicago hadn’t been a place for the weak. She had heard rumors of creepy things that moved at night, looking for innocent victims to prey on. Something she had never heard from her parents.

It was as if those rumors were about to become a glimpse of reality. She could feel it. There was something strange about this night. Fear ran down her veins like blood. She couldn’t get hold of herself anymore. With her trembling hands crossed over her chest, she continued on her way, hoping to find someone.

She yelled out the names of her fellow peers from time to time, and each time she yelled, there was no response.


A whisper howled toward her.

She flicked around with fear. The whisper sounded so close and very creepy. To her greatest surprise, there was no sign of anyone. Her skin crawled, and her bones rattled as she trembled. Her weary soul screamed of the unseen horror.

“Who is there?” she let out a sharp question that was filled with fear. For a moment, she turned continuously in search of the one whose whisper she had heard. “Show yourself!”

Her voice was distorted with a lack of courage that could even be noticed.

“I will help you if you help me first.”

The voice came again in the form of a slow whispering.

The unknown whispering voice gave her the creeps. She panted deeply, trying to get hold of herself first before she could query further.

“Why not show yourself?” she finally spoke in a distorted, quaky voice.

“I can’t, but you have to come to me.” The voice howled toward her once more like a howling wind. “I will guide your path, I promise.”

She wasn’t buying it. Her eyes rolled in response to fear. The stories she had heard about Chicago were creepy. Whoever it was, she couldn’t trust him.

“And why would I trust you if you don’t want to show yourself?” she queried with haste. There was desperation in her voice. Any help she could get right now would do, but not from an unseen, invisible man who continued to whisper to her.

“Because I will tell you secrets you don’t know about yourself,” the voice came again. This time, it sounded soothing and more refined. “You are a powerful gypsy, but your parents have hidden that from you.”

Mary’s eyes widened and narrowed into slits. “How did you know my parents?” she queried once more.

“I will tell you everything you need to know. I promise. But first, follow the almond tree on your left, walk down the sloppy path, and you will see a heavy rock on your right. Behind the heavy rock is a step that leads to where I am. I am waiting.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Mary lashed out. She couldn’t believe the unknown voice was trying to get her to come to him. “Why not tell me you want me as your dinner rather than trick me in that manner to come to you?” she lashed out.

Part of the stories she had heard were focused on the vampires and the werewolves. She didn’t know if it was true or just a myth and fiction, just like in the movies. Each time she asked her parents, they would swiftly change the topic.

“There’s no time. The day will soon dawn. Please, come and save me.”

“I can’t!” she said without hesitation in her voice. “I have trust issues with people.”

“Then, tonight must be your lucky night. I am not just a person. Come find me, my dear.”

Mary puffed out a cold air. She shook her head slowly as her mind flew into deep thought. She was always a curious and desperate kind of girl when it came to mysteries. Hearing someone speak without seeing the person was part of the mysteries she had been searching for answers to.

Her mind was made up. Curiosity had gripped her firmly. She tilted her head up quizzically and made a left turn toward the almond tree.

“I am coming to you,” she mumbled.

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