Book cover of “Lies and Desires“ by Grace Chanbee

Lies and Desires

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Grace Chanbee
“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Gautama Buddha. When Harmony Winters stumbles upon her incredibly sexy and attractive neighbor, she realizes a little too soon that he was the seasoning she needs to spice up her life. However, being in a healthy relationship meant that she had to stay as far as she possib... 

Chapter 1


POV: Harmony Winters

The footsteps became louder and clearer, even as I walked faster, trying to escape the impending doom I saw lurking around him.

From the first day we met, I knew he was bad news, and even though I tried to ignore the darkness inside of him that he didn't try to hide, I couldn't help it anymore. I had to leave him. I had to run far away from him. I had to stay away from him. He was trouble, and with all that I had gone through in life, I didn't need any more problems.

It was a dark night, the weather was cold, and the wind blew fiercely, scattering dust and dirt, some of which got into my eyes, as I hastened my footsteps, afraid that he would catch up to me.

Owing to the night's blindness and the fact that I wasn't looking at where I was going, I mistakenly dashed my foot against a stone.

"Ouch!", I winced in pain. I shouldn't have said anything, so as not to lure him towards the alley which I now stood in, with tears welling in my eyes, and blood gushing out of my foot.

It was now harder to walk, and I limped, seeing the motel that wasn't far from the alley anymore. It gave me hope, and an assurance that I could be far away from the devil that I had once thought I couldn't live without.

Suddenly, someone appeared before me. My heart began to race faster as I looked up to see his hardened face, laced with a crooked smile. I couldn't tell how he had gotten in front of me, and I didn’t have the time to stand there and ask him questions.

I made to run as fast as I could, but his firm hand grabbed mine and pulled me back, with eyes that told me that I was done for.

I was hyperventilating, as his cold dark eyes met mine, and I began to tremble in fear, with quivering lips.

"You look like you've seen a ghost," He said.

A drop of tear, which I had been holding back, fell from my eyes, and rolled down my cheeks. I hadn't wanted him to see me cry, and believe that he still had power over me.

"I warned you, didn't I?" He asked, pulling me to face him.

I shuddered, still hyperventilating.

"Answer me!" He yelled, shattering my heart into many different pieces and putting fear in my mind.

"You...You did," I stuttered.

"Yes, and now, you'll have to pay for being a disobedient wench," He said, and without warning, he forced his lips on mine, pulling my hair with his hand, drawing me close to him, so that my breasts were pressed against his chest.

My emotions betrayed me, and I closed my eyes, wrapping my arms around his neck, as I dived my tongue into his mouth, twirling my tongue around his, tasting the milk he had drank before coming to hunt me down, and savouring its sweetness.

I didn't care that we were in an alley. After all, no one apart from both of us were present. He pushed me to the wall, and nibbled on my neck with his teeth, after which he found his way to my breasts, which he groped firmly, before peeling my dress off my skin.

While his hand caressed the left breast, massaging it and playing with its nipple, he sucked diligently on the right one, making me feel pleasantly aroused, and provoking a desperation I never knew existed within me.

A moan escaped from my throat and my stomach sunk inside, with a tingling sensation. I had missed this. I really had.

Still with his hands caressing my breasts, he bent down with a gasp and desire, and began to fondle with the area around my clit. I gasped, telling him that I wanted more.

He tore away my panties and began to lick my clit, thrusting a finger into my pussy hole. I cried out loud. “Do it again,” I managed to say, amidst the intense adrenaline sensation that made me electrified.

He drove his tongue into my pussy hole, while his index finger was still in it, sending me off screaming with another shattering moan. He continued to thrust his finger in, still licking my clit, until a warm familiar liquid burst out, making my legs vibrate, with a loud moan which erupted from deep within.

“I’ve missed you,” He said, wearing a grin on his face, as he unhooked his belt, showing off his dangling manhood, which stood erect. He began a steady rhythm of sliding his dick into my wet pussy, and I couldn’t prevent my hips from rising to meet his thrusts. I hated him, but I wanted him more than anything else.

I kept on moaning loudly, screaming “harder".

“Shush. You’re going to wake up the whole neighbourhood,” He said, placing his strong hand over my mouth, which made my incessantly loud moans muffled.

I grabbed his hair, yanked it, and pulled him closer to me, making sounds of pleasure, which couldn’t be heard, exactly as he wanted it. My teeth were chattering, and I was shaking so violently, with tears streaming down my eyes in ecstasy.

My hands went down to his hips. I needed support, and with no bedsheets lying around, I could only get it by holding on to him tightly. He was still driving his dick into me, hitting my g-spot, and I held unto his hips even more tighter, shaking in delight as I finally had an orgasm.

Maybe it was the tension in the atmosphere that caused it, but it was the best sex I had ever had in a long time as he made it seem like it was the first time, and I began to question if leaving him because he was a psychopath, who killed when he didn’t get what he wanted, was really worth it.

It wasn’t until I felt the tip of his pistol, that I realised how big of a mess I was getting into again. Recently, he had returned from prison, and if I tried to leave, he would kill me, especially since I had been the one to call the cops on him.

As much as I knew that no one could ever fuck me like he could, I knew then that this was my only chance to escape and be free from him. I wasn’t ready to drown into an unending slumber just yet, and my eight-year-old brother still needed me around. I decided to make a decision, while he was still busy with tapping his cock against my pussy, and releasing his cum on its surface.

Before he could get a grasp of what was going to happen next, I grabbed the gun from his pocket and pulled the trigger, shooting him in the chest, without giving him a chance to beg for his life or to even say his last prayers. A dick like him deserved no such thing.

The look on his face was that of betrayal and disappointment, but I wasn’t sorry; I was sure all his previous victims had also looked at him in that same manner, but he didn’t bat an eye.

“Rot in hell,” I told him, as he collapsed heavily to the floor with a thud.

Taking his wristwatch and wallet so that it looked like he had been mugged, a satisfactory smile appeared on my face, as I fled into the darkness, pleased with myself that I had gotten the world rid of an unfortunate bastard; a shame to humanity.

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