Book cover of “My Brother, My Mate“ by Midnight Snow

My Brother, My Mate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Midnight Snow
“Are you sure you want to deny me as your mate?” “Bradley, we shouldn’t be talking about this since we’re siblings!” “We’re not related at all!” Bradley corrected my statement and looked me in the eye as he caressed my chin. “What are you doing, Bradley? Even if we are not biologically related, we are still considered siblings because your fathe... 

Chapter 1

Leila’s POV

“Mom! Leila is admiring her reflection in the mirror, marveling at her own beauty.” When my younger brother Zeke notices I am still applying makeup, he makes a comment.

With a disdainful smirk, I turned away from my brother and opened my wardrobe to find my lipstick. “A beautiful lipstick for my cupid lips,” I said as I delicately applied the Burberry liquid lip velvet that is so popular in our time today.

“Leila, you’re gorgeous, so be quick. Your brother and his aircraft associate are about to arrive, and you understand how much he hates delays.” As she peered through my door, my mother reminded me with a giggle.

“That jerk has to learn to manage his rage, Mom. So, if he becomes irritated while waiting, he is not cut out to be an Alpha.” As I grabbed my shoulder bag, I answered with a smile.

“Huh! Big sister, you’re brilliant at persuading our parents, but for brother Bradley, you’re a jerk!” Zeke said and made a strange expression, which irritated me even more.

“You scoundrel! What on earth made you think of saying that? What makes you think I’m afraid of Bradley when I haven’t seen him in five years?!” I enlarged my eyes to terrify my younger brother, but instead of being scared, he laughed at me.

“That’s enough, both of you! Leila, hurry! Your brother Bradley informed you that the aircraft would arrive at three o’clock. I would not have asked you to collect him if it weren’t for his friend. But he’s with the Dragon pack’s daughter, so it’d be awkward to allow them to take a cab,” my mother said.

“Okay, I’m leaving... I’d leave Bradley at the airport if it weren’t for my best mom.” I smiled and exited my room, carrying the key to my sports automobile.

I started my car’s engine with this thought in my mind. Five years had passed since I had seen Bradley, and it was time for him to go away to study and become an Alpha. My mother and I first arrived at Sapphire City, where Bradley’s father, Arnold, was the Alpha. The Sapphire council opposed my mother from becoming Luna. Still, Arnold’s choice was upheld, and my mother finally showed how excellent she was as a Luna.

But, returning to Bradley... “Geez, how do I identify him?” I couldn’t recall his expression. I chuckled and shrugged, pushing the accelerator. It took me less than twenty minutes to get to the airport, which is much less than the hour it usually takes.

“Great! My mom will be pleased that I came on time!” While donning my sunglasses, I utter. I hurriedly went to the airport, dressed like a fashion model.

I grinned since there were eyes watching my every move because I was Leila Aragon, the Crystal pack’s so-called Barbie. Still, instead of blond hair, I had wavy silver-colored hair.

“I had never met my mate before at eighteen, but even though he was two years later, I was not scared.”

I’m certain my companion is one of a kind, and I’m expecting to run into him soon because of my wolf’s peculiar behavior over the past ten days.

All that I must do now is stay here and wait. Maybe Bradley is familiar with me, considering our younger sibling often sends him a snapshot of me.

“Please excuse me,”

When I watched the courageous guy approach me, my brow furrowed. This is novel since no one dares to ask me, “Yes?” I responded bitterly.

“Hello, my name is Zanjoe. I’m also waiting for someone, but their flight seems delayed. Maybe you like to get some coffee while you’re waiting?”

As I took off my spectacles, a sly grin appeared on my lips. “You want to get a cup of coffee with me? Zanjoe, you are adorable, but I refuse.” I respectfully refuse. I wanted to scream at the guy, but I couldn’t since so many eyes were on me.

“Perhaps you’re apprehensive because you don’t know who I am. I’m the Red Moon pack’s Alpha. I’m sure you’ve heard of my pack, which is the fourth most powerful on the entire continent.”

“Yes, I know your group, and I appreciate the offer, but I must refuse,” I smiled as I rejected. I didn’t want to argue with the Red Moon pack’s Alpha, but I also didn’t want to force myself to accept the offer.

Zanjoe’s grin faded and was replaced with displeasure as he walked closer to me, showing that he didn’t appreciate my response.

“How dare you make me seem bad! I’m the boss!” Zanjoe grabbed my arm and forcibly pushed me closer to him, which astonished me.

“Allow me to go! Perhaps you didn’t recognize me, but my name is Leila Aragon! And my mother is the Crystal pack’s Luna!” Even though I was worried, I made sure that my words were clear.

“Huh! What about the Crystal pack? Are you proud of the pack that lacks Alpha? If I were you, I’d ditch that useless pack and join mine. I’ll make you a Luna!”

“A useless pack?! You think Crystal is useless!” I just knew I was in the arms of a guy as Zanjoe lay on the floor because of the rapidity of events.

But the joy of my wolf yelling “Mate!” startled me the most.

“You’re a jerk! What exactly are you?!” Zanjoe yelled as he struggled to rise.

But the guy who was clutching my waist disregarded Zanjoe and stared at my face. “Oh, no. You’re my friend?” As the man’s grasp around my waist tightened, I heard him mumble.

“Mr. Bradley Silva! I know the girl in distress is lovely, but don’t forget that you have a female friend.”

“Oh my God, is that you, Bradley Silva?” My eyes widened in surprise. Bradley Silva is his name! My sibling! Why is my brother is my mate?!

“Nice to see you again, sister,” Bradley couldn’t seem to get the word “sister” out of his head.

“This isn’t happening,” I mumbled to myself, but Bradley heard me.

“Sister? I did not know you had a sibling, Bradley.”

“She is not my sibling. At the very least, we are not connected by blood,” Bradley said.

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