Book cover of “My Ex Is a Vampire“ by Taylor Brooks

My Ex Is a Vampire

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Taylor Brooks
"Go back. I don't need you anymore. I even had a kid with someone else." "You're wrong. I don't care about you anymore, but that girl looks awfully similar to me." "I don't know what you're talking about." Alice is a single mother who loves her kid unconditionally. There's nothing special about her. Or so she thought until strange murders st... 

Chapter 1

An ambulance stopped in front of a multinational hospital as the nurses opened the door and walked out with a dead body covered up with a cloth from head to toe. The male nurse at the front had an anxious expression on his face as he pushed the glass door of the hospital and glanced at the guards standing there, "Move aside! This is an emergency!"

"The patient is already dead, isn't it?"

The male nurse said nothing as he continued to hold the stretcher firmly in his grasp making his way to the receptionist. The woman had pink dyed hair that had been tied up in a bun as she placed the receiver of the phone and looked at the anxious male nurse coming toward her, "Edward? Why are you so-"

"Call the doctor. Hurry up!"

"What happened?" asked the woman while pressing the number of the head doctor. The man picked up in an instant, "What’s wrong?"

Before the woman could reply, the male nurse took the receiver in his hands and placed it next to his ears, and spoke hurriedly, "Doctor! Someone's dead!"

"Then, send them to the forensic section and call the police. What are you doing calling me?"

"Doctor, this case is so strange that I don't even think you can explain it!" The male nurse wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, "The man died of blood loss, but that's not it. Entire blood from the man's body had been sucked away! Not even a single drop is there! Veins are completely empty!

"And strangely, we didn't even find any animal's footprints close by. He only has two dots on his neck, which seems to me like a snake or bat's bite, but how can there be a bat here? They're not in the entire country! And how come a small bat sucked away the blood to the point that the man died?! This doesn't make sense at all!"

“Tell the receptionist to call the forensic expert. I’ll also arrive there in that department. Five minutes sharp!”

The receptionist also heard those words and her face got pale. She spared a single glance at the dead body and took a deep breath, “Are you sure it wasn’t an animal?” She dialed the number at the same time and booked the forensic department’s main hall for the dead body and placed the receiver back over the phone.

“Alice, have you heard of an animal who sucks that much amount of blood?” the man paused as if thinking of something and said, “Except for leeches, vampire bats, and all other small blood-sucking animals you have ever known about! The bite mark doesn’t even look like that of an animal’s!”

Alice frowned upon hearing those words. After thinking for a while, she immediately shook her head, “Take the dead body. We can chat after work.”

The male nurse nodded and walked away with other people behind him and the stretcher. Alice continued to stare until they entered the elevator and the door closed.

She averted her eyes and pressed her fingers against her temples. This kind of death was too strange, and she just hoped that it was the only body that faced that kind of death.

Just then, her cell phone rang and she picked it up without looking at the screen, “Hello.”

“Ms. Alice Sparrow?”

That old female voice sounded too familiar. The receptionist frowned as the grip on her mobile tightened automatically, “What did she do this time?”

“Well…. It would be better if you could come.”

“But it’s my duty time.”

“I know, but…. None of us can handle her. She’s not even eating her food, locking herself inside the bathroom cubicle. If this continues, we can’t help but ask you politely to transfer schools.”

“No!” Alice’s face had an anxious expression when she heard those words, “Please don’t! I’ll tell my daughter to behave. Please, give her another chance!”

“You said that last time.”

“I’ll do something about it. I promise!”

“Fine. I’ll try to pacify the principal. You come and get her for today,” said the old woman before hanging up the call.

Alice gritted her teeth and packed up her stuff hastily. Hen she turned toward another girl working beside her in the reception and said with an apologetic expression on her face, “Grace, I’m sorry I have to-”

“I know, I know,” the woman waved her hand and smiled, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll file a half-day leave application for you. Just go.”

“You’re a gem!” the pink-haired lady walked out and called a taxi before telling them the address. She bit her lips as she waited for the taxi to move faster. After half an hour, she arrived at the school.

Alice didn’t even have time to change out of her receptionist uniform as she paid the fair and walked inside the school. The guard seemed to know her well because he nodded and let her enter the solid iron gates.

The first thing Alice did after entering the school premises was to head over to the principal’s office. The old woman who had called a while ago was the assistant whose office was just outside the principal’s cabin. So she would know what had happened here to make her daughter act in such a drastic manner.

This wasn’t the first time Alice’s six-year-old daughter had caused her trouble. The last time was just a few days ago, and yet, even after getting a warning, the little girl did it again. Alice couldn't help but feel that she had probably been too lax on that girl.

After reaching that place on the fourth floor, she saw the old woman standing there, waiting for her already. There was a faint sound of a child crying from inside the closed door of the principal’s office. The assistant walked over as soon as Alice stopped by her table, “Please come. I’ll explain to you on the way.”

Alice nodded as the two of them started walking through the corridor, heading toward the female washroom section on the second floor, “Is it the old issue?”

The old woman nodded, “She hit another kid with a baseball bat this time.”

Alice grimaced, “This is my fault. I have been giving her too much freedom lately.”

“Hey, this is not your fault. It’s already too much for a single mother to manage everything. You’re doing a great job.”

“Really?!” Alice stopped while heading downstairs and stared at the old woman and said, “Then why even my daughter isn’t satisfied with me? Why would she continue asking for her dad, who wasn’t in the picture for as long as I can remember? Why the f*ck can’t she see the things I have done, what I had to give up just to raise her properly and in a friendly environment…. Why can’t she see my struggle? She’s my daughter!”

After saying those words, Alice started crying, the old woman hugged her and patted her back gently, “There, there. This is all your ex’s fault. Why did he have to leave?”

Alice said nothing as she hid her face in the old woman’s embrace. It wasn’t exactly her ex’s fault. He didn’t even know she had a child with him. How could she still point fingers at him? It was her decision to raise the child all alone, and now….

She couldn’t help but let out a bitter laugh. This should be the retribution for sure. She knew she should have told him about this, but she didn’t. Now, even her daughter wanted to meet the man. If she suddenly contacted him and told him about her little one, what kind of expression would he make?

No, Alice didn’t want to think about it anymore. She took a deep breath and pulled away from the embrace as she wiped her face. She smiled and said, “Thanks a lot, May. Your words calmed me a lot.”

“Let’s go.”

After a while, they arrived at the cubicle where the girl had locked herself as Alice walked ahead and knocked on the door. A young girl’s small voice echoed from the inside, “I don’t want to come out. Leave me alone!”

“Jocelyn, baby, come out. Mommy is here to take you home.”

“I don’t want to see you.”

“Baby…” Alice had an idea all of a sudden, “I’ll tell you your daddy’s story this time. So come out, okay?”

The door unlocked all of a sudden then it was opened, revealing a small red-haired girl, staring up at Alice’s face with her emerald eyes, “Promise?”

Alice stared at those eyes and smiled, “Yes. I promise.”

The girl smiled, “Fine, I can forgive you this time.”

Alice looked apologetically at the old woman and whispered, “Can you handle the issue? I’ll compensate the kid….”

“Okay. I’ll do it. Take care of yourself first.”

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