Book cover of “My Mates Are Obsessed with Me“ by ChikitaLore

My Mates Are Obsessed with Me

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ChikitaLore
Four mated werewolves! In a werewolf world, finding your mate is a very special moment. But what if you are mated to three other wolves? Juan, the alpha of the pack, knew that he was mated to Hadeth. But soon, they found out that they were also mated to Myrtle and Amber, who were the members of their pack. Can the four accept each other a... 

Chapter 1


Tonight will be the longest night of the year, or as the Wolvenhore Might Pack call it, “The Howling Night.” Everyone in the pack who turned 18 this year would find not only a partner but a wolf to call their own.

Thoughts of getting my wolf buzzed around my head. I cannot wait to finally have one, having a wolf will mark my coming of age. And aside from that, it's a good day for me to find a partner. I just know she'll be impressed. I smiled and went to the bathroom, still groggy from my sleep.

I dragged myself in front of the mirror to begin freshening up and settling down my black hair, which is currently a tangled mess with all the tossing I did during last night’s sleep. I stripped swiftly and stepped into the shower.

Water from the shower head dripped down my body and I was able to collect my thoughts. It was an important day, so I was anxious about it. The thought of seeing my mate and my wolf made me grin ear to ear. I had no idea what to expect!

"Hey idiot, will you stop smiling to yourself like a maniac?" I was suddenly greeted by an unexpected voice. I couldn’t help but smirk and roll my eyes at what I heard.

"Hey buddy, well, since you're so great at introductions, tell me your name."

"Luise,” he started, “and I guess I am doomed to spend the rest of my life with you. I'm so lucky," he said sarcastically. His passive-aggressive teasing amuses me, I bet the two of us will get along well and become close in just a few days.

“To whom do you owe today's Wolfsbane?”

"Stop, you're not in the Mafia dress to impress our mate." Luise interrupted me as I was getting dressed, I had just changed into black pants and a white shirt. “Wear a black shirt, please.”

“Shut up,” I dismissed him with chuckle but obeyed nonetheless. I figured he was onto something, so I changed into a black shirt and slicked my hair back. I checked my reflection and was pleased with what I saw, so I went downstairs.

I smelled the eggs and pancakes as I made my way to the table, my nose scrunching up in delight. I found my mother already there waiting for me. She looks at me and nods before serving the food and sitting down to eat.

“Juan, my dear, you will meet your soul mate today!” Mom exclaimed. "I can't contain my excitement."

“I can clearly tell, Ma,” I smiled at her. “By the way, I acquired my cute little bitch.” Luise hisses at me upon hearing that I called him a “little bitch.”

With narrowed eyes, she continued, "Language, Juan, and you'll be shifting for the first time tonight, so I suggest you not be a jerk to your wolf."

A grin spread across my face at the prospect of assuming my role as Alpha and the possibility of the pack finally getting Luna.

"Your Dad would've been proud, honey. I know you'll do well in his footsteps and do justice to his legacy," added my mother.

I nodded my head in acknowledgment and my thoughts drifted to my dad who was killed in the war when I was 12. I quickly pushed the sad thoughts aside, not wanting to distress myself on my special day.

The ceremony's start time was rapidly approaching. The ballroom where the ceremony will take place was packed with people by the time I finished eating and conversing with my mother. Since it's not a good idea to be close to horny, newly transformed wolves, my mom was unfortunately unable to join me for the ritual.

I was excited to see Hade again, the pack's Beta and one of my closest friends in the world. Since the presence of the Alpha and the Beta at the ceremony are significant, the pack made elaborate preparations for the event, and they were also anticipating a Luna and a Beta female.

I had intended to swing by Hade's before the ceremony, but I was already running late so I told him that we’ll just see each other at the venue. I took a deep breath as I approached a beautiful stone structure with crimson carpets leading in and out of unnecessary high doors made of dark mahogany.

When I entered the ballroom, everyone stopped talking and stared at me. Being the Alpha of the pack, I needed to keep up appearances. I strolled slowly into the enormous, elaborately furnished apartment. To show my appreciation for the pack members, I nodded slightly while clenching my jaw, and the conversation continued.

I immediately noticed the guy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles all over his face. He may seem innocuous, but my Beta and best friend, Hade, is on his way to fuck me up.

As he lightly punched me in the abdomen and tackled me playfully, a grin spread across his face and eventually became a smirk. I battled back, and we fought for a while before breaking off to get beverages. Hade was always there for me, and I was glad to experience this special occasion with him.

"You ruined my hair, fucker," I spat at him as I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to fix it.

"Dude! Why the hell do you look like you’re part of some Mafia?" he laughed hysterically at his joke.

"Maybe I am," I agreed which made him grimace. I took great pleasure in frustrating him.

Hade opened his mouth to react but was halted by a loud booming voice on the stage. It was the voice of his father, the current Beta. I owe an outstanding debt of gratitude to my Uncle Edward, who took on the role of father for me until I was old enough to handle myself. All eyes went to the stage as the Awakening was about to begin.

On stage alongside Uncle Edward were several pack elders, and as a sign of respect, I nodded to them.

Then Uncle Edward began speaking, "Young wolves, this marks the day you become adults and a valued part of the pack. I pray you all to find some measure of meaning in the events of today's celebration. We'll go for the first shift when the moon peaks tonight, so be there on time. Just that. Now is the time for the ceremony to begin.” He conveyed an enormous amount of authority in such a formal, succinct fashion, and that's why I liked him so much. Wish I could do it someday, too.

After the elders told us to close our eyes, I followed suit, but not before glancing around the room, aware that any of these people may be my partner. I heard a rumble of chains when my eyes were finally shut close, which meant the roof was opened to let in sunlight and reveal our friends and family members.

I was worried throughout the wait. The completion of the ceremony was starting to feel like an eternity. In short, I was desperate to meet the one. Since every couple has a unique aroma that can only be detected by their partner, I was curious how she smelled.

We were finally allowed to open our eyes after what seemed like a lifetime. I didn't waste a second and immediately opened them. For a split second, the startling brightness pained my eyes and I squinted until they adjusted.

Then, I caught a whiff of flowers and chocolate and understood what it meant.

In my mind, Luise cried, "Mate!" as I hurriedly looked around for the source of the irresistible aroma that nearly brought me to my knees.

"Find mate, Juan, you moron, I want mate," Luise screeched in my head.

"I am trying! Shut up for half a second and let me look for her,"

Then I realized where the source of the smell was coming from. I whirled around to investigate the source of the aroma and saw a befuddled Hade staring at me with glazed eyes, as if he were having an internal conflict.

Hade was my BFF and Beta, and we were… soulmates?

When we found our mate, the source of the scent, I heard Luise's voice say, "Mate" again, but this time with a sense of serenity in his voice.

How? What? Why? I raced with these thoughts as I stared at Hade, who avoided eye contact.

Hey, how's my pal Hade doing? A guy like him. Is this possible? In all seriousness, he is my closest companion. What if this makes him too uncomfortable and he decides to reject me?

I spaced out for a few minutes and when I came back to my senses everyone was talking and introducing themselves. Upon noticing that Hade was still stoic, I decided to approach him. I needed to have a word with him before I left.

"Hade- Hadey," I called out to him.

Hade still wasn't looking at me. He was obviously more interested in the floor we were standing on than his mate. "Hade, will you please look at me?” I said in a softer voice and lightly shook his shoulder.

Nothing from Hade yet, and the fact that he wasn't even acknowledging us was starting to set Luise off. Seeing that others were beginning to glance at us, I needed a quiet spot to deal with all the feelings I was feeling right now, and I'm sure so did Hade. I yanked Hade out of the ballroom and put ourselves in a back room.

"Hade, please," I tried again as I lifted his chin with my hand and made him look me in the eye.

When I saw it, my stomach fell. Hade's eyebrows were knit together, and he was crying. I looked at him directly in the eyes as I cupped his cheeks with both hands and gently wiped away his tears with my thumbs.

I knew he was crying, but glancing into his icy blue eyes was all it took to make me feel instantly at ease. It felt weird and foreign to admit this.

Hade's nose was scrunched up by this point, and his sobbing broke my heart into a thousand pieces. Seeing him like this makes me want to hug and kiss him till he calms down, and I just found out that we're mates.

He looked up at me with sad eyes and called my name with his trembling voice. I had no idea how to respond.

"Hade," was the only thing I could say. I said his name in the most reassuring voice I could muster, and gave him a look that said, I don't know what the fuck is going on but I’m here, and he got it.

Before I could finish my sentence, Hade had his head on my chest and arms around my waist. He gave me a bear embrace. We used to embrace like this all the time, but this time, it was different—it was better. I hugged him back by wrapping my arms around him and stroking his neck.

Because of how close we were, I could smell him. This is now my favorite smell in the world. I was relieved to hear that Hade's tears had subsided to sniffles. I ran my hand reassuringly down his back, thinking it could help.

Once Hade had settled down, I searched for his face and looked into his eyes. "Hey, I know this situation isn't what either of us had in mind for the awakening day, but I promise we'll figure it out and be happy." I told him sincerely. Tonight should be a night full of smiles, but here he was crying instead. I don’t want to see him this way but I fully understand his reason.

Hade nodded into my chest in understanding, which elicited a snarl of delight from Luise. I tried my best to soothe Hade so he could finally stop from crying. Whatever happened, all I could think about was how I could best safeguard my partner.

I couldn't help myself and I kissed his forehead. My action made him smile and feel the skin on his cheeks tingle.

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