Book cover of “Escaping Luke Contrero“ by Gracia Bonifacio

Escaping Luke Contrero

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Gracia Bonifacio
“I will wipe out anyone who will look at you with desire, my Isabelle.” “Don’t talk to me like that! I am not your girlfriend!” “That is why I want to woo you, but you keep pushing me away.” “I would not have sex with you even if you were my boyfriend! I will only give myself to my husband." “Then I’ll marry you, my Isabelle.” “W-what?” “Let... 

Chapter 1

Her name was Isabelle dela Vega and she was nineteen years old. She was raised by her grandmother when her mother passed away. She was four at that time. She didn’t have any idea what her father looked like since he left her mother when he discovered that she was pregnant with her. According to her grandmother, he was from Switzerland and since he didn’t marry her mother, she was using her mother’s maiden name. Her father’s name was Mark Dury.

She was born and raised in a small town called Sta. Teresita. It was in the northern side of the country. They had a simple life. Her grandma was a seamstress and they get their money for food and other expenses except her tuition fee from the money her grandma made from sewing. She had been taught how to sew so she could help during her free time.

Luckily, she was granted a scholarship and she was taking up a course in tourism. She wanted to be a flight attendant. It was her last year in college. She had been told that she was beautiful though she never used any cosmetics. A lot of men admired her but she didn’t want to have a boyfriend. She wanted to finish college. She had promised herself that she would give her grandmother a much better life once she graduated.

It was a Sunday and her friend Joyce invited her to a resort nearby because according to her, she had been studying so hard and had been helping her grandmother sew during her free time that she had forgotten how to have fun and just chill. Now Joyce was eyeing because she looked uncomfortable in a swimsuit which she had given her. Her friend insisted she wore the swimwear instead of the pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt she usually had on when swimming. Though she didn’t want to, she finally put on the red swimsuit since she knew Joyce would never stop blabbering about it.

She was old-fashioned unlike her friend who was liberated. She didn’t like the idea of men looking at her body. She and Joyce were polar opposites but they had been friends since high school. She was surprised that Joyce befriended her. She wasn’t rich like her and their personalities were really different. Joyce was bubbly and sociable while she was timid and a homebody.

Her family liked her and was nice to her too, especially Joyce’s older brother Brett who was her suitor. He was four years older than her. She told him she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship yet but he said that he was willing to wait. Brett was good-looking aside from the fact that he came from a well-off family. He had his own business too which was buy and sell so she felt he was out of her league. Even if she became a flight attendant, she would never be a good match for him.

She was woken up from her deep thoughts when Joyce hit her lightly on the shoulder.

“Oh my! This is so unreal!” her best friend exclaimed.

She just threw her a glance before getting her eyes back to the magazine in her hand which she was supposed to be reading.

“He is here! I thought he was still in the States but he is really here!” Joyce added giddily.

She blew some air from her mouth to show her annoyance. Her friend was always like this when she saw good-looking men but not her. She didn’t even bother to look who Joyce was talking about. Joyce was always excited to talk about guys she liked but she wasn’t. Besides, she wasn’t interested in men. She had to focus on her studies because that was her goal.

“This is a great surprise! I hadn’t imagined seeing him here! I know that his family owns hotels and resorts in and outside of the country so I guess the rumors are true after all! He is contemplating on buying this resort.”

“Who are you talking about?” she asked after a sigh.

She was sure that she won’t stop so she might as well pretend to be curious. She put down the magazine again and looked at where her friend’s eyes were.

“It’s the elusive, immensely hot, and extremely rich playboy, Luke Contrero! The one wearing a pair of blue board shorts and has a mouth-watering six-pack!” Joyce replied as she stared at the subject of her interest.

The man was probably twenty yards from them. He was sitting on one of the beach chairs. Beside him was another man who was also bare-chested and in a pair of board shorts as well. Even this far, obviously the man Joyce was talking about was way hotter because he was a lot hunkier. She couldn’t see his face because he was looking at the sea.


“We’ll leave tonight. I’ve seen enough. I don’t want to buy this place. We’ll check the other resort tomorrow,” Luke told his cousin Reed who was also his assistant.

“What’s wrong with it? This seems okay. There are a lot of guests and I’m sure there will be more once you develop it. Sta. Teresita is a good place to invest in.”

Luke took a sip of his sparkling water. He didn’t like alcohol. He only had it if he was with clients. He was a health buff. Some men have alcohol to release stress but he’d rather have sex with beautiful women than slowly destroy his body with booze when he had to blow off steam. He shrugged his shoulders.

“I made up my mind! I don’t like it! It doesn’t have anything that catches my interest. It’s such a dull place. I feel that buying any property in this area is not worth my money and time,” he told Reed.

His bodyguard Luis was standing a few meters from them. He didn’t need one because he could defend himself but his mother insisted. He agreed because he didn’t want to upset her since he knew that she only wanted him to be safe all the time. Good thing was, once he went back to the US, he didn’t have to bring Luis. He frowned when he felt something. He couldn’t explain it but a certain kind of energy wanted him to turn to his left.

Isabelle gasped when she saw the man’s face. Joyce was right. He was super-hot! Luke’s eyes narrowed when he realized what made him look the other way. It was a woman but not just an ordinary woman. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She was a bit far from him but he felt a certain electricity between them. His board shorts seemed to have become tighter at the front. His body was strongly reacting to the woman. This was foreign to him and he didn’t know if he liked this urge or not. He had to be sure that she was not only beautiful this far. And he wanted to know if the force which was drawing him to her would be even greater once he saw her up close.

“Where are you going?” asked Reed.

“I’ll check if buying this resort is really worth it,” he said while he walked towards the woman who seemed to have bewitched him.

“Oh wow! He’s heading towards us!” exclaimed Joyce.

Isabelle didn’t know whether to stay where she was or to run from the place. The way the man was looking at her was scary but at the same time gave her a feeling of excitement. Her heart was thumping as he came close to them. She almost caught her breath when he was just a few feet away from them. His body was really magnificent. He was totally hot and he looked hungry? Hungry for something else not for food.

“Oh my! He is eating you with his eyes Issa,” Joyce said, mesmerized as she saw how Luke Contrero had his beautiful dark eyes on her friend.

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