Book cover of “The Powerful CEO and the Innocent Lover“ by Catriona Kelly

The Powerful CEO and the Innocent Lover

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Catriona Kelly
Carolina Loretta, a beautiful and gentle girl, always lived a secluded and introverted life. However, things took a turn for the worse when, due to excessive intoxication, she had an accidental one-night stand with a mysterious stranger. Upon reencountering him, she discovered he was Frederick Vincent, a notorious and powerful tycoon. Carolina beca... 

Chapter 1

A cruise ship docked at the port. A girl knelt on the boat’s deck, tidying up her jet-black hair neatly tied up with a chopstick. Drops of sweat trickled down her face, like honey dripping from her fair skin. Her eyebrows were slightly furrowed, her face exuding solid determination.

“Sister, look over there; the sky is so blue, it’s beautiful!”

An twelve-year-old teenager wearing overalls stood beside her, hesitantly calling out to Carolina Loretta.

Carolina wiped the sweat off her forehead, following her younger brother’s pointed finger toward the horizon, where the sea turned a deep and captivating shade of red during sunset. She smiled and stood up, brushing off the dust from her clothes.

“That’s the sunset. As long as we have the sun during the day, we’ll have sunsets like this in the evening.”

“Sunset? Can we eat it?” Ryan licked his lips. “It looks delicious.” He rubbed his belly with his hand.

“You can’t eat the sunset. Are you hungry? Let’s go home. I’ll grill some meat for you to eat.”

“That’s awesome! That’s awesome!” The young boy clapped his hands. “Hehe, I’ll follow you; there will be meat to eat.”

Carolina chuckled, wondering where her little brother picked up these phrases. She turned around and pulled the trash bin, exerting all her strength to move it only two steps. Suddenly, she felt the weight in her hands significantly lighter, and the trolley started to move.

As she looked up, she caught sight of Ryan’s innocent smile, pushing the trolley with just one hand.

“Sister, I can do these things,” he said.

Carolina glanced at her brother’s figure, feeling joy in her heart. Since he was little, her brother had always been a bit foolish, and she had never let him do anything alone. Aside from school, she had to be by his side every day, taking care of him. Allowing her brother to venture out into the world seemed a good thing. He was gradually learning to take care of himself.

On their way back, Carolina received a call from Mirian. In her gentle voice, there was a hint of worry.

“Carolina, come here quickly. Something big has happened.”

“What happened?” Carolina asked.

“Kaylin has been drinking non-stop. I’ve tried to stop her, but she won’t listen. Please come here; I can’t handle her on my own.” Mirian sounded concerned.

The three of them were like good sisters, always proud that in this world, besides the three of them, or more accurately, the three girls like them, no one else could have such deep friendship as they did.

Carolina ended the call, hurriedly took her brother home, and quickly prepared dinner.

“Aren’t you going to eat, sister?” Ryan held her hand and asked.

“No, I have some business to attend to. You have dinner on your own, watch cartoons after eating, and go to bed early,” she replied.

“I want to watch cartoons.”

Carolina gently kissed her brother’s forehead. “Ryan, you’re perfect.”

After that, she ran frantically, rushing to the bar where Mirian was.

“Kaylin, what happened?” Carolina gasped for breath as she sat on a high barstool, anxiously looking at Kaylin.

Kaylin’s dark eyes were filled with anger as she suddenly slammed the table, causing Carolina and Mirian, standing beside her, to startle.

“Damn it! There’s no good man in this world! After talking for half a day, he only said he loved me because of my status. Screw him!”

The two girls in front of her couldn’t help but stifle their laughter.

“So it’s because of this,” Mirian suddenly understood. “Among the three of us, Kaylin has always been the most formidable. How could she be so devastated by a man?”

Kaylin tilted her chin slightly. “That’s not the case. He’s just a high-class man, and I’m not interested. Men like him are only worthy of high-class women!” she sighed and continued. “Damn it, now everything has become real. If my father weren’t the deputy mayor, they wouldn’t compete to pursue me like this.”

Upon hearing this, Carolina’s eyelids couldn’t help but droop.

Kaylin realized that her words might have hurt Carolina, so she patted her on the shoulder and said with a carefree tone, “Carolina, don’t overthink. What I just said was to curse those men who only value a woman’s status and position. As for the three of us, of course, we will meet good men.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Mirian said, “I believe that good girls will meet good men.”

“Yes, for the future knights in shining armor of ours, cheers,” Kaylin raised her glass of wine and said, and the three girls laughed and drank.

At first, it was Carolina who came to stop Kaylin. Still, in the end, she ended up emptying one glass after another, and Mirian sat next to them, watching the two girls relentlessly emptying their glasses. She needed to stay sober and maintain her graceful and elegant image. Soon, she would have to take care of those damn drunk girls.

Just then, Mirian received a phone call, and her face immediately bloomed with the shy smile of a girl in love. Kaylin asked who it was, and she embarrassedly replied, “It’s my boyfriend. He said he wants to pick me up in a bit.”

Mirian’s boyfriend was always mysterious. Even her besties, like Carolina and Kaylin, had never met that man.

Carolina had drunk a bit too much and stood up unsteadily. “I have to go now. Ryan is waiting for me at home.” No matter how much fun she had outside, she always remembered that someone at home needed her care.

“I’ll take you home,” Mirian immediately stood up.

Carolina shook her head. “No, it’s okay. I haven’t drunk that much. You stay with Kaylin. Besides, didn’t you say your boyfriend is coming to pick you up later? Don’t worry about me.” After saying that, she turned around and walked out.

In reality, Carolina had overestimated her alcohol tolerance. She started feeling dizzy after taking a few steps out of the bar. By the time she reached the elevator, her legs were getting weak.

Carolina leaned her head against someone’s chest, her hands tightly gripping his slender waist as she whispered, “Oh, this pillar in the bar is so warm…”

Damn it! The man furrowed his brows in anger, never expecting to be compared to a pillar. He raised his hand, intending to remove her grip from him.

Carolina clung to his waist, refusing to let go with an inexplicable strength. Perhaps due to a lack of a sense of security since childhood, if she could hold onto something that could assist her survival, she would stubbornly refuse to let go.

The man had no choice but to embrace her and lead her into the elevator. He simply wanted to quickly toss this woman into any available taxi. He had no time for such troublesome matters.

The bar was located on the second floor below ground level. The man pressed the elevator button to go up to the first floor. Inside the elevator, there were only the two of them.

Carolina had consumed quite a bit of alcohol, making her body extremely hot. Despite the layers of clothing, the man could still feel the warmth radiating from her. Her hands continued to move across his body.

The man felt a dryness in his throat but remained still, refraining from any reaction. He had a rule never to get involved with women in bars.


The elevator reached the first floor, and the doors slowly opened.

The man spoke softly, “Step outside, walk twenty paces, hail a taxi, and go home!” His voice was icy cold, devoid of any emotion. He had always been concise and decisive in his speech.

Carolina still refused to let go. She leaned her body, tightly embracing the man in front of her. Her soft bosom pressed against him, causing his body to involuntarily tremble.

This pillar was quite comfortable to embrace. She couldn’t let go. Despite being intoxicated, she knew that if she released her grip, she would immediately collapse to the ground rather than experiencing the warm embrace of the pillar.

She resembled a playful kitten, rubbing her head against his chest repeatedly, “Mmm… so comfortable…”

His eyes narrowed dangerously, “Is that so? Well then, I will make you even more comfortable…”

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