Book cover of “To Love and to Lust. Book 2“ by Teefabulous

To Love and to Lust. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Teefabulous
When your best friend's crush turns out to be the same man you're in love with, the friendship can take a dark twist, leading to a web of betrayal and heartbreak. Will Elizabeth and Victoria's bond survive the tangled maze of emotions, or will it be forever torn apart? 

Chapter 1

What Mr Smith had in mind at first was to take Victoria to a grand place where he would get people to decorate very beautifully and set up a table for the both of them with red wines, sea food, cakes for dessert and flowers but that all changed after his little argument with Victoria.

He had decided to keep it simple and take her out for dinner instead to talk things out with her. He was nervous. He didn't know if he should go with his suit or dress casually. Things like this were always hard for him. Relationship was something he never did too well with which was why he didn't get into any relationship after his last relationship.

In his last relationship, it was the girl who had done the most, she was the one consistent and initiating things which was one of the many reasons she left. She felt he was making it look as if she was the only one dating him when he was the one who had confessed to her.

He didn't look at any woman and dedicated his time to his academics until Victoria. Suddenly the memory of the first time he met her resurfaced in his memory and a grin formed on his face.

Their first encounter wasn't a nice one and her action irritated him which was why he wanted her out of the company when he saw that she was a new employee. Everything resurfaced in his mind and each moment he remembered, his grin grew wilder. It was funny how their relationship started from a bad one to a good one.

He decided to dress casual as he didn't want to come off serious. He put on a denim black jean and grey v neck polo shirt before leaving his room.

"Are you going somewhere?" Mirabel asked her brother who was about to walk past her. Me Smith stopped and answered his sister.

"No...I mean yes." He tells her.

Mirabel smiled. "Are you going to meet Elizabeth?" She asked inquisitively as her lips moved to the side.

"Elizabeth? Why?" He asked, wondering what she suddenly thought. He had come to notice Mirabel always asked him if he was going to meet Elizabeth whenever he was going out. He didn't understand why she thought every one of his outings had to do with Elizabeth.

"Well..." She shrugged. "It's just that you and her....I mean..." She trailed off as she couldn't defend herself.

Mr Smith shook his head. "I'm not going to meet Elizabeth but someone else and I do not want to be late." He tells her.

"Someone else? A female you mean?" Mirabel asked.

"Yes, a female. Is there a problem?" Mr Smith asked as his brows creased in confusion. Whenever his sister acted this way, he knew she always had much to say. Mirabel wasn't one to just voice out her emotions and feelings, rather she would say a few words and leave the rest to the others to find out.

"It's just... I thought you and Elizabeth had a thing. Don't you like her? I thought the both of you had something going on. I mean..." Mr Smith cuts her off politely.

"Mirabel, you are funny." He chuckled.

"Elizabeth and I have nothing to do with each other. We are just friends and we both know that. There is nothing more or less between us. She is someone I respect and relate with but when it comes to the heart, I've never seen her that way nor have I ever thought of her In that way."he explained to his sister.

"Wow!" She voiced out. "I didn't know that. I thought there was more." She said with a sad tone.  She always thought her brother and Elizabeth would work out but hearing him talk about his view of Elizabeth made her sad. She wanted someone like Elizabeth to be her sister in law. Someone who would encourage her and make her feel good.

"So who is this mysterious lady?"She asked, although she was not interested in really knowing her.

Mr Smith smiled. "Her name is Victoria. You will love her I promise." He tells her.

"For now. I have to go, I do not want to keep her waiting. Don't wait for me and sleep, okay." He said to Mirabel before he leaned down to kiss her on her forehead.

Mirabel sighed deeply. She felt bad for Elizabeth as she believed that Elizabeth liked her brother. She and Elizabeth had spoken and there  were times she would ask Elizabeth about her feelings for her brother but instead of Elizabeth answering, she would blush and dismiss the topic.

"That's bad." She muttered.

Mr Smith waited patiently for Victoria. It was five minutes past eight and she was yet to come. He was nervous that she wouldn't but then he decided to have a little bit of hope.

The reason he had volunteered to drive her was because he believed she might not come but when she had come to meet it again to tell him that he shouldn't bother and she would go to him, he decided to trust her even though he didn't want to.

He glanced at his wrist watch and sighed. He tapped on his feet, a surprising habit which he noticed he was starting to do whenever he was nervous and time conscious.

The waiter had come to ask him if he needed anything and he had told the waiter to wait for a little while. After what seemed like three hours, Mr Smith saw a glimpse of Victoria from afar and he heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked at his wrist watch to see what the time was and he shook his head. She had come thirty minutes late but he had no issues with it as she finally came. A smile formed on his face instantly once he saw her approaching the table he was seated on.

He was captivated instantly. She could literally make any clothes look good on her body. She was wearing boyfriend jeans and a yellow off shoulder top. She had let her hair down unlike how she would pack them in a ponytail at work.

Mr Smith got up from his seat to pull back a chair for her, so she could sit. "You came." He spoke with relief.

She was surprised by his gesture but didn't let that show on her face. "Thank you." She muttered to him as she sat down on the chair. Mr Smith left her side to go sit down opposite her.

"Thanks for coming." He said to her.

She said nothing in return. "So, why this when we could just talk after work and go our own way?" She asked, sounding harsh but she could care less.

"We will definitely talk about that but first can we order something to eat?" Mr Smith suggested.

"Okay." She said, Mr Smith called for the attention of the waiter and they placed their order. The waiter returned back with their food.

"Enjoy." The waiter tells them before walking away.

Mr Smith sighed deeply. Just as he was about to take the cutlery and begin to eat, Victoria brought up the topic again.

"So, are we gonna talk?" She asked.

"We will but can we eat first?" He pleaded.

"I do not want to eat. You can eat while we talk." She tells him.

"Then why did you order food If you weren't going to eat? And I already promised we will talk so why the attitude?" He asked her, baffled.

She shrugged. "I'm gonna decide if I'd eat after I hear what it is you have to say. Should I cause what you say doesn't sit well with me and I find it insulting, I will leave. You can't expect me to eat food you will pay for when you might do something that annoys me in the end." She lamented.

Mr Smith face-palmed himself. "Is that all?" He asked her.

"Well. I would say for now."

Mr Smith dropped the cutlery back on the table. "Fine. Let's talk. Where do we start from?" He asked.

She folded her arms across her chest. "Are you asking me? You were the one that said we needed to talk so go on, speak, I'm listening." She tells him not to sound concerned but secretly she was curious to know what it was.

"Okay fine. Let's talk about the kiss." He cleared his throat.

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