Book cover of “Werewolf Zombie“ by Meg Elly Gerena

Werewolf Zombie

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Meg Elly Gerena
Daphne always wanted to do what she loved. She started her dream career as an attorney, married her college boyfriend, and became a mother. But years later, her perfect life started crumbling down when she learned that the love of her life was having an affair with a younger woman. Alexander was supposed to become the king of werewolves. But a ... 

Chapter 1

Daphne’s POV

Getting my backpack ready for my very first class of college has me doing my happy dance. It’s also my 18th birthday, so tonight we are going to a party!

To think I’m finally legal. My dad has my brothers working on the party at home. My brothers are all older than me, so I’m the baby princess, daddy’s princess and I am the queen of the dancefloor.

Putting on my mascara to give my brown eyes a little pop, then my cat eyeliner, simple light pink lip gloss to my full lips and straightening the curls of my heart shaped face I look phenomenal. Today I get to paint my hair red for the very first time before I start my classes to become an attorney for the board of education for minors.

If I am allowed to have my education, why can’t other children also be allowed to study? Schools shouldn’t make a person feel bad just because they can’t pay. It’s ridiculous, but I will make a difference. I love life and life loves me just as much.

Finally ready, I put on my clothes to my hourglass figure. Always the fashion girl, never the “it” girl. Wearing my red crop top and skinny jeans with my gold heels and matching gold jewelry set, I am ready to go. Super happy I did my nails last night with mom. Looking one last time at my room, it’s cleaned, fresh and neatly placed.

I lock the door with my key. Three brothers can get so snoopy around here. It’s a wonder how they can be on dates, as in plural. Walking to the living room, I can smell the eggs and sausage already. Setting my bag in my seat, I go to help mom make the table. As if they had hearing aids, all three of my brothers ran to the dining room.

“Hey, hey, hey, this ain’t no rodeo. Walk in my house and have you cleaned yourselves before you sit down to eat?” My mother yells at the three of them and I stuck my tongue out seeing how annoyed they got at being yelled at first thing in the morning.

“Come on, mom, we have been working since 5 am and we aren’t even ready for class today.” My eldest brother Jaime is really annoying and so full of himself, but when he whines it’s like a chihuahua. “Mom, it’s my birthday and he is my ride for my first present. If he gets it all done in less than fifteen minutes, then he can have a second plate; if not, I will eat the second plate for him.”

Placing my hand on my hip as if on cue, Jaime groans. “Fine, I will do it! Don’t eat my food, princess!” He runs to the bathroom and I hear the door slam, then I hear it again.

Mom shakes her head as she goes back to the kitchen, still in her nightgown and slippers. Mom is old-fashioned when at home, but out or expecting visitors the woman is a model. We look exactly alike, I just look younger than her.

Before I can go with mom, Jaime runs in again. He is well dressed and smelling good, which only means one thing. I put my hands on my hips and look at his slick smile with my annoyed face. “You have a date on my birthday.” I huff and my two brothers Ferdinand and Tito laugh at me.

I cross my hands and yell for dad, he is my savior all the time. “DAD! THE BOYS ARE PICKING ON ME AGAIN!!!” While I was yelling for dad they were telling me to shush. I kept walking away and putting the chairs in between us and when dad hugs me, I squeal.

“Boys, you all know not to pick on our princess or do you all feel generous in an extra shift at work today?” Dad says it playfully, but I know my brothers hate being put to work for free. Mom enters with the rest of the food and sits down at the table.

We all run and by we all run, I mean my dad runs faster than the four of us. After we eat, Jaime takes me to the Salon and I look like a vixen. My red hair is all long and straight. I am ready for my first day of school.


Alexander’s POV

Another day of class, how fun. I’m sitting at my desk listening to my private teacher’s lecture on our kingdom’s laws in compensation for unwanted reasons. Blah, blah, blah. I’d rather be on the patrol with my friends and learn how things work outside of this castle.

I’m the only son of five children, the second to be born. My father has this idea that the gods are not in his favor, why? Because I don’t look like him and my siblings do? Not even to my mother, but I am his. It turns out my father looks like my great-grandfather.

When I look like my grandfather with straight and light brown hair. I have a slim facial appearance and bright green eyes. Not to mention my father looks like a bear and I look like a model to a fitness magazine. Being royal is not as it seems. My people don’t even look at my family with respect, everything is dictated.

“Prince Alexander, did you understand your lecture today?” I nod my head. I know nothing of what he said, but I’m willing to bet the apprentice does. She is a small girl with glasses. For a werewolf she has bad eyesight, but an excellent memory that even my teacher is put into shame.

“Professor, if I may ask for a break, I’m in need of the bathroom.”

He nods at me and goes to switch the book he had in his hands. I roll my eyes at his attempt to play it cool. Ever since I turned 18, I have only been studying to be king.

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