Book cover of “Fist of Claws: The Rise of the New Alpha and His Queen“ by O. Gabriel

Fist of Claws: The Rise of the New Alpha and His Queen

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: O. Gabriel
Brilliant but always get his ass kicked: he was loved by girls, and he's every girl type of guy. Lucas' life turned weird when he noticed the changes in his body. Faced with threats from supernatural and mortal enemies, Lucas must find a way to adapt to his new life as a werewolf and keep it a secret. The journey of becoming the new werewolf alpha ... 

Chapter 1. Lies

The morning weather was foggy with a gentle breeze that howled into Lucas’ window. He was already running late for school when he heard his father yell his name.

“Lucas! Lucas!” yelled Detective White.

“Get your ass down here boy, you’re already late for school!”

Detective White is Lucas’ father and one of the top detectives in the New Orleans Police Department. He lost his wife early last year. According to the post-mortem examination presented to him, this states that Mrs. White was killed by a wild bear. Her car broke down in the middle of a wooded area. She called Detective White to come and pick her up or send help; he did send help but by the time help could get to Mrs. White to toll her car, she was already lying in the pool of her blood with a bestial bite mark on her neck. Her blood was drained and this bothered Detective White to eventually find out the type of wild bear that did this.

“Sorry dad, I was…”

Detective White couldn’t let Lucas finish what he has to say. He glared at him. “Save it, boy, I’m running late. Get your ass to the car right now!”

Lucas is an easy-going teen that will turn 17 in a week. He is every girl’s type of boy with a pointed nose, thin lips, and a pointy chin. When he smiles, he displays his shinny gap teeth, and his dimples are always visible. Most importantly, he always has good grades which make girls come around him to help them solve complex mathematics problems. The loss of his mother hasn’t been easy for him. He often visits his mother’s grave with flowers every weekend.

Detective White isn’t home always because of his demanding work as a cop. However, as often as he is around, he never hesitates to take Lucas to school. He pulled over at Orleans High School. As Lucas wanted to open the door to step out, Detective White cast his gaze at him. “Always stay out of trouble.”

Without saying a word to his father, he opened the door and then shuts it. Hastily, Detective White slides down the windscreen. “I mean it, stay out of trouble!” he yelled.

One major problem Lucas faces in school is getting his ass kicked by bullies. He is in his senior class and less than a year he will be out of High School to proceed to College with his dream course but he always got bullies after his ass.

Lucas makes his way to his locker to get some of the notes needed for today’s class. As he slowly puts the combination of his locker, one of the bullies grabbed him from behind and held him against his locker.

“Hey Punk!” said Jack with a broad fake smile written on his face. “I hope you did my goddamned homework or it’s gonna be your ass?” Jack tightened his hands on Lucas’ collar so that Lucas could barely breathe.

Jack Styles has been Lucas’ nightmare in Orleans High School. Lucas is always watching his back for Jack and his two friends. Occasionally, Jack has forced Lucas into doing his homework for him. Jack might be a bully but he’s a famous senior at Orleans High School. He has a prominent nose, thick lips, a square jaw, and straight teeth.

Lucas swallowed a lump in his throat and spoke in a quivering voice. “I am tired of doing your homework for you.”

“Wrong answer!”

As Jack raised his hand to punch Lucas, from behind Mr. Walter held him and asked him to unhand Lucas. He narrowed his gaze at Jack. He didn’t like the report he has been hearing about Jack but each time he calls him to question him, Jack will cook up lies to defend himself. Today luck has run out of him. Mr. Walter has caught him in the act. “I believe your words to be true but there are always lies.” Mr. Walter cast a fierce burning gaze at Jack.

“He stole my book!” Jack cried out.

“That’s a lie, Mr. Walter!” Lucas spoke up in his defense.

“If he says I’m lying, open his backpack!”

“Lucas, would you be kind enough to open your backpack please?” Mr. Walter narrowed a gentle gaze on Lucas in expectation for him to comply with his calm request.

Mr. Walter has been voted for straight three years as the best teacher in Orleans High School. He is the geography teacher. For the past ten years of working in Orleans High School. He is always early before the students and always the last to go home after school.

“He’s lying, I didn’t steal his book!” Lucas spoke up again in his defense.

“Then you can prove that by opening your backpack.” Mr. Walter focuses his gaze on Lucas. He wants to see to the end of this. He doesn’t know whom to believe but perhaps proof can help solve the differences between the two.

As Lucas was stalling in opening his backpack, Jack took it off his hands and forcefully opens it revealing his Mathematics assignment booklet with his name boldly written on the book cover.

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