Book cover of “Forbidden CEO“ by CAROLFSL

Forbidden CEO

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: CAROLFSL
Chloe Duarte is a 26-year-old Brazilian, who moved to the United States after winning a scholarship to a renowned New York University. After finishing her studies on American soil, Chloe gets a job as a Communications Assistant in one of the most influential corporations. One night, Chloe gets stuck in a dark elevator with a complete stranger. ... 

Chapter 1


Colucci Enterprises...welcome to one of the most influential companies in all of New York.

A huge building covered in glass, a real skyscraper standing out among the other buildings that do not even reach your feet, marked with the name of its founder in capital letters, a giant sign hanging in front of the building itself. Colucci Companies.

This is my dream! Since the end of my studies, I have always dreamed of joining such a company, I am happy and proud of myself for having managed to get here.

Everything here reminds you that you are part of something great and at the same time a life given to work.

I accepted the job as a communication assistant a few months ago, I work together with Matt because we have common tastes we get along since my first day here, I love him, it's not just a simple co-worker that I'm forced to endure, but Matt became my best friend.

By our total luck, we are under the same direction as our manager who we soon call Don Juan, Adam Smith. The reason for the childish and ridiculous nickname is that Adam is a man who likes to collect girls, that is, he uses his gifts to conquer any woman who inhabits this company, of course, he doesn't have to try very hard since his beauty and wealth already make many women fall at his feet.

Which, oddly enough, is not the case with me and Sam, the downstairs receptionist who accidentally dropped a hot cup of coffee on her perfect white blouse on my first day, obviously intimidated by my stupidity, but at noon we were together having lunch at a restaurant that Samantha introduced me to. In other words, we also become friends and are attached, just like Matt.

I love my job, and I love it even more for working at the Company I've always dreamed of, but I'm hating and cursing the CEO and our manager right now.

The reason? The reason is that we were forced to attend a celebration of the anniversary of the Company, yes, we were practically forced to come to a celebration that occupied two floors with the festivities.

I'm exhausted, half dizzy from countless glasses of champagne and my heels are killing me, we had to attend or if we were the courage to counter our superior, we ran the great risk of getting a foot in the ass, as in any job: The door to the street is always open.

“What's up? What do you think of Stars?”, I’m taken from my thoughts to hear Samantha's cheerful voice beside us.

“Now? It's 11:30 at night, Sam, I'm tired and my feet are sore, not to mention that I drank too many glasses of champagne...”, I grumble without wanting to go to a club if I finish dancing.

“Is that it? Come on! I also exaggerated the expensive champagne, but I need to dance to make up for the hours I spent at this bland party!”, She retorts without waiting for an answer from me, just moving away enough to raise her arms to get a taxi.

Snitch listening to Matt's unmistakable laugh beside me, I turn to watch my friend stare at me shaking his head.

“You know there's no point in saying back princess, Sam always gets what he wants”, Louder snorting as a taxi approaches.

“Come on! Stop being lazy and bring these asses here!”, nods and gets in the car, and without waiting for another command, Matt follows her to get in the car.

I'm about to do the same when I freeze in place, remembering that I'm forgetting something important.

My purse!

“Wait, damn it! I think I forgot my bag upstairs!”, I grumble loudly seeing that they snort and get out of the car.

“Look at that mouth, princess!”, Matt scolds me with a singing smile, I roll my eyes showing my tongue which makes an audible laugh slip from his lips.

“Go there! We wait here!”, she snorts dismissing the taxi driver who curses us before starting the vehicle.

I wave and with quick steps, I go back to the hall of the Company, but soon I am barred by one of the security guards of the Company, I raise my head and face the big guy with triple my height.

“Excuse me, I need to go in, I forgot my bag inside!”

“I'm sorry, miss, it's closed, no one comes in and no one goes out!”, I groan and control myself not to snitch.

He's doubting me, thinks I'm not part of this company's team, I remember I could easily rub my badge on his face, but I also remember that the bastard is inside the bag.

“Please, I work here and...”

“Any trouble Miss Duarte?”, A relief takes me when I turn around finding Jack Michael coming out of the Company and coming to us.

“Thank God you showed up, I ended up forgetting my bag inside the Company.”

Jack Michael is a young and charming man, I am surprised that at his age he has a position with so much responsibility since he is the head of my manager and the right arm of the CEO amazingly, I have never seen him since the months I work here.

Matt and Samantha have also never seen him, they say he is too reserved a man, but I find it a great relief that I never had the misfortune to find the boss himself in front of me.

Just a look and a nod from Jack towards the security guard makes him move to the side releasing my pass, controlling a smile when facing the security guard's face.

“Thank you, Mr. Michael!”, he nods with a smile fixing his glasses before saying goodbye.

I do not waste any more time, I pass through the glass doors of the Company and move quickly to the elevator, and while I wait the blessed descend on me I begin to search the cell phone, It's kind of funny, I'm irresponsible enough to forget my purse with my wallet and important documents, but I never forget the damn phone, it seems like it's a part of me.

Listening to the sound of the heavy elevator doors opening in front of me, I enter and press the button on my floor and without removing my eyes from the phone, I lean against a wall entering one of my social networks.

Dragging my finger across the screen of the device, I am flooded by a crowd of photos, but one catches my attention, is a photo of Daniel, my ex-boyfriend kissing the pregnant belly of a model who married.

They are happy, I enter his profile seeing that most of the images are of the couple, laughing, kissing, and a multitude of poses and photos. He's moved on, I don't want their unhappiness, and I'm glad he found the right person.

I like the freedom of my single life, but sometimes I feel completely alone and lonely as if I needed a person to love and dedicated all his love to me.

I remove my eyes from the photos seeing that the elevator stops on one floor, fixed the look on the panel seeing that it is not my floor, then there is someone else here still, I feel even relieved not to be alone in this Company at night, where only the gloom and the lampposts outside illuminate the empty environment.

I turn my attention to turn off the phone, but out of the corner of my eye I can see a person joining me inside the elevator, an unmistakable smell of a masculine and woody perfume reaches my nostrils, it inspires the aroma and smell noting that it is a very expensive cologne.

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