Book cover of “Forever Promised“ by Amanda Kimberley

Forever Promised

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Amanda Kimberley
Some loves and friendships really do last forever... Forever friends: Death does no part. Forever tied: Blood is a bond that ties many unions. Forever bound: Blood is thicker than bloodlines. Forever cherished: The bonds of passion should be cherished. Forever immortal: Lineage can bring on hell. Forever loved: Eternal love is a choice I gi... 

Chapter 1

Lilith opened her eyes and sucked in her first breath as she took in all the purple blooms hanging from a vine in front of her. Warmth caressed her bare, umber skin, but she wasn’t sure where the warmth was coming from just yet.“She is beautiful. More than I could have ever dreamed, Jade Emperor Yudi!”

“I call her Lilith, Adam. And she is born from the same dust as you. She is your equal in every way. You will live together here in my garden as long as you wish.”

Lilith shook her head. The words she was hearing seemed fuzzy. It was as if the voices were inside a cave, yet she wasn’t cold, something she would expect in such a dank place. Words, their meanings, and speech seemed to flood her brain at a steady clip. Other knowledge, like companionship, humanity, and how she came to be, also seemed to swell her head.

“I promise to love her with all of my soul as you have asked me to, Yudi.”

Warm and solid arms were now cradling her waist and hoisting her to an upright position. Still weak from awakening, Lilith fell into a chiseled torso that radiated heat so strong it was as if she was standing next to the sun itself. She screwed her eyes shut in fear of the light blinding her.

A hard object hit her inner thigh. She tried to shift her weight to ease the irritation penetrating her womanhood, but the more that she struggled against the pinch, the more she realized there wasn’t much pain at all. In fact, desire seemed to replace the pain she initially experienced. She found her body responding to the wealth of pleasure growing deep within her belly. Her back arched, giving Adam a better entrance to her center. Lilith’s fingers trailed down the length of Adam’s back until they rested on his backside. Her hands instinctively cupped each cheek, and she ground his hips further into her core. Electric liquid heat coated them both as her inner lips pulsated around his cock. A faint moan escaped her before she bit her lip to dial back her increasing pleasure, now coming to her in waves.

“I will leave you both to grow my garden with your children.” Said the voice Lilith now knew belonged to Yudi.

The muscular arms that had lifted her to her feet were now guiding her down to a soft bed of leaves and vines.

“You are beautiful, Lilith, and you are all mine. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

She reiterated the words strangely, like a parrot, and thought it silly at first. But she somehow knew what they meant without being told and thought the phrase was fitting. She did love this man. A man Yudi called Adam. A dull pain hit her belly again as something hard slipped between her thighs once more. The small hurt quickly turned into something pleasurable once more. She was becoming more and more aware of her surroundings as her hips rocked in union with Adam’s. It was as if the fog was lifting from her brain and allowing her to think more clearly.

Her body soon stiffened as Adam’s lips grazed her cheek. Adam recoiled quickly from her.

“I’m sorry! Am I doing something to hurt you? I don’t mean to! Please tell me what it is you desire, and I will be forthright in obliging.”

Lilith opened her eyes, and a person, whom she knew to be a man without question, was staring back at her. He had gorgeous green eyes. They were as verdant as the vines surrounding the two of them.

“You did nothing wrong. I’m still a bit confused. That’s all. I’m not sure what to do or how to act. There’s so much information to process.”

“I understand. It was hard for me when Yudi made me.”

“I understood the word as created. Is the phrase made you the same?”

“Yes, and he made you, too.”

“And why did he make us?”

Adam shrugged his shoulders.

“He said he was lonely, so he made me for friendship and then created you for me so I’d have companionship as well. He wants us to have children, so this way, he’s less lonely.”


“Yes. Do you understand what those are? If not, it will come to you shortly. Yudi only gives you as much information as you can process within a moment’s time. If you do not understand it now, you will see it shortly. But I will say that I can’t wait to have babies with you and watch you care for them all.”

“Babies? As in plural?”

Adam was right. The information was coming fast and hard, but Lilith wasn’t sure if she liked Adam’s viewpoint of the information. Was he that daft?

“And what will you be doing while I’m caring for our babies?”

“Forging for food, building us shelter, and gathering wood for a fire. It is my job to care for you, protect you and the babies in these ways.”

“We are equals—are we not?”

“Of course.”

“Then why are you the one that forges for food? Can’t I do the same?”

“Who will provide the babies with nourishment in your absence?”

Lilith sucked in a breath. She wanted to protest, but as more information flooded her mind, she realized Adam was right.

Damn it.

No one could provide nourishment for the babies in her absence. Her chest was the only thing that could give the babes milk.

How is this fair? How is it equal?

The answer he provided bothered her. Sure, she was a woman and could do things he could not, but that didn’t mean they weren’t equal in other ways. He grew so adamant about having a protective hold over her, and right now, it seemed… Stifling. So stifling, she shifted her weight away from him.

“I’ll be back. I want to go for a swim.”

It was the first excuse she could think of to get away from him and collect her thoughts. Thoughts that seemed to crowd over her like a shadow, keeping her down and pliable to do whatever Adam and her creator asked of her.

“I will join you shortly. I want to collect wood for a fire so you don’t get cold once you finish your swim.”

He rose and turned on his heel and headed for the forest to gather the wood. Lilith jumped into the water, and a sense of calm washed over her once the water surrounded her. She knew Adam wasn’t a bad person. He really did care for her and even said he loved her. Adam just seemed misguided about equality, and Lilith hoped she could change that by having a chat with Yudi. Surely Yudi will understand the importance of her and Adam being equal partners in this companionship he’d concocted in his god-like mind.

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