Book cover of “Lunar Vixen Trilogy“ by Empress Kei

Lunar Vixen Trilogy

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Empress Kei
In a world where love and loyalty are intertwined with the moon, a courageous woman finds herself entangled in a forbidden romance that challenges her heart and her pack. The "Lunar Vixens Trilogy" brings together three captivating stories in one book. In Book One, "Surrendering to the Rogue Alpha," we meet Chloe, the daughter of an Alpha. After... 

Chapter 1

BOOK 1: Surrendering to the Rogue Alpha


Henry Blackwood was known for his charismatic charm and a penchant for the company of women. He exuded confidence and had a commanding presence. On the other hand, Chloe Anderson was a gentle and kind-hearted individual who held her father in high regard. Despite her sweet nature, she possessed a remarkable sense of independence, wisdom, and inner strength.

However, a fateful encounter with Henry, who happened to be an adversary to their pack, led to a one-night stand that changed everything. When Chloe's pregnancy came to light, she faced the devastating consequence of being cast out from the pack, forcing her to navigate the world as a rogue.


When he entered the elevator, I took a deep breath and pressed the button for the seventh floor. Seeing him again surprised me, and I realized I should have made a move sooner. But flirting with a man was easier said than done! I had a few drinks to boost my confidence, but my main goal was to test my charms on the man I had been crushing on for a long time.

His name was Henry Blackwood, and he had a reputation as a womanizer who slept with many women. Despite that, I had always been attracted to him. Earlier, I noticed him stealing glances at me, and he looked so cute at that moment.

I knew it was a risky thing to do, but I wanted to do something exciting for once. Besides, my father was busy with a conference, so I convinced him to let me go to the hotel. I lied and said I was craving something that only the hotel could provide. Since I announced my wishes in front of his friends, he couldn't refuse. He warned me to behave while he was in the meeting, but I had no intention of following his rules.

Before the conference, I had talked to some friends and convinced them to visit me at the hotel later. The hotel had a lot to offer, including bars. I had never been to a bar or had a drinking session before because my father didn't allow it. As Roger Anderson's daughter, I was expected to behave at all times, but sometimes it got boring!

“Hello,” he greeted me with a smile.

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