Book cover of “Married to the Arrogant Billionaire“ by Bernadette

Married to the Arrogant Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Bernadette
Amelia, a strong-willed woman, refuses the advances of a pompous billionaire, Damon, at a bar. Damon makes her life unbearable by buying the house she lives in, along with her mother’s flat, and inflating the rent. In her desperate state, Amelia runs into her childhood friend Bruce, who confesses his love for her. However, a rumor about Damon and A... 

Chapter 1. Stripped

I could feel the rosy hue spreading over my cheeks as I carefully applied the blush. My lips absorbed the red lipstick, and I smiled at my reflection in satisfaction. I proceeded forward, one step at a time, to the only building I had faith would make all my worries disappear. A smile spread across my face as I reached the entrance, showed the bouncer my card, and confidently strutted in.

The heat of the gazes followed me as I stepped in. The red dress I was wearing did its job, with its glitters catching the eyes of everyone. It clung to my body, emphasizing my curves. The soft clinks of glasses and the sound of laughter filled the bar as I walked in. I let out a sigh and situated myself in one of the seats in front of the bar. The neon lights and the loud music filled me with a sensation of liberation.

Just a few hours ago, my heart had been broken into two, and the fragments were destroyed. The pieces were also brutally crushed, leaving no hope of amendments. I had my life given to a person. We had our lives together. For three years, it had been that way… until today. The feeling of having no direction in life has always been with me, but it had never hit me so hard in the face.

Daniel, the supposed love of my life, brought all this on me when he broke up with me a few hours ago. The weight of my heart was pulling my chest down, but I wanted to keep it up.

I poured several shots of tequila down my throat as I tried to blink back the tears.

The warmth of someone’s hand landed on my shoulder. Tears were already filling my eyes.

“Ma’am, my boss needs you,” the gruff voice from behind made clear.

The fiery burn of the tequila was all I needed right now. I poured down more shots as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Ma’am?” The voice spoke again. The presence departed soon enough; he figured I was not ready to give a response.

Another warm touch from someone hit my shoulders again, and this time I turned my head to see who it was.

I gazed at the man in a security uniform and turned back to my tequila. The room was starting to float around me, and my interest in others seemed to drive them away faster.

“Excuse me. I would have to ask for you to show me your card.”

I turned my head over to the security man, my eyes lagging as I tried to fix them on him.

“What?” I managed to say.

“A message came in saying that you got in here illegally.”

“Illegally? I showed my card, and it was approved.”

“I’m sorry, but I have to check again.”

My eyes landed on the bar table; there was no card. I brought out my purse, lurking around every corner with my hands. Nothing. My body had lost all its energy, but my mind was a little active.

“Wait, but I just had it.” I ransacked my purse again, but still nothing. My eyes skimmed the floor, and my mind hoped for it to have fallen. But the floor was clear.

“You have to come with me.” My security situation was clarified.

“But you have to believe me! I had my card with me!”

“But I don’t seem to see it.”

“I had it!”

“You have to come with me now or-”

“Or what?” I knew I had my card here with me.

The security guard clenched his jaw. I was pushing him to his limits. A hefty breath gushed out from his nostrils. Then he stretched his hand to pick up my purse.

“What are you doing?”

My eyebrows rose in question.

“Getting rid of you.”

I grabbed the edge of my purse and started to pull it closer to me. A scoff beside me grabbed my attention. My eyes fell on a man who was approaching me silently with a glass filled with alcohol in his hands. An outfaced look was plastered on his face as he stood before me. He let out another scoff and leaned his face closer, giving me a clear view of his face.

His mountain-peak cheekbones appeared to have been shaped by a master craftsman. They had such sharp contours that it looked as if they were sculpted and paired to perfection.

His sea-roving blue eyes stared at me for a few seconds, and then his supple lips parted.

“How pathetic,” he spat. He drew his head back and then continued, “The lady with no response suddenly picked up her voice.”

My face was twisted. My mind was lost in the thought of knowing what he meant. A small chuckle escaped his lips, and then his fingers brushed through his dark hair that was coiffed to perfection.

“And what is your business with all of this?” I asked. His head jerked up, and his lips fell a little.

My fingers lost a grip on my purse, and the security guard pulled me up.

“I am throwing her out, sir,” he began to drag me as he explained.

I turned over to the man in front of me, and a smirk was plastered on his lips.

“Leave her. You may go.”

The security guard left, leaving the man at the corner of the bar and me. The music continued to blast through the air, and everyone around rocked their bodies to it.

He walked closer to me, making me take a few steps backward. My back was glued to the wall, yet he didn’t stop. He made sure his face was so close to mine that the stench of alcohol from his mouth hit my nose. His face turned cold.

“I am the owner of this establishment. And you came into my establishment illegally.”

“I had my card.”

“I know you did. But you can’t prove it, or can you?”

He took a sip from his glass and raised his bristly eyebrows. My head was blank. I continued to stare at him. The heat was filling me from within.

“Well, your case is an offense. And each offense has its own punishment. What shall yours be?”

He took another sip; then his eyes slowly fell from my face down to my feet.

“I love your dress, but I’ll like it more with less cleavage.”

My eyes widened. His hand slowly rose to my shoulders; then he held the tip of my gown’s hand.

“Starting with this.” His grip became tighter; then he pulled, ripping the sleeves off the gown. I grabbed his hand; his veins were pumping under my palms, but he managed to get to my chest.

He dropped his glass on the floor, leaving it to shatter into a million pieces. He pulled the dress, ripping part of it from my chest. The cool air in the room hit my breast.

My face fell, and my veins began to boil.

I loosened my fists and landed a hot slap on his face. His eyes widened. They were filled with elements of surprise. I pushed his broad chest back and forced myself out. All eyes were on me as I managed to pick up my purse and storm out.

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