Book cover of “My First Love“ by yoursunshine

My First Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: yoursunshine
Allianna's life is destroyed by false accusations until fate leads her to the Quinter family. Daylon, their mysterious son, keeps her at arm's length, but Allianna's determined to break through his icy demeanor. As she fights for justice and battles family secrets, she realizes winning Daylon's heart is just as important. Join her on an epic journe... 

Chapter 1

As Allian looked at Daylon and Kiari, she suddenly felt a pain in her heart. Her eyes were getting wet because of the tears she couldn’t stop letting out.

With the time she and Daylon had spent together, she couldn’t believe that what she saw now would hurt him so much. She also couldn’t understand why she was like him. Why did she suddenly burst into tears, and her legs were weak?

She gave the sign that she needed to stop the frenzy she was in. It wasn’t wrong to give up. No one said you had to force what you wanted to get what you wanted.

In the middle of the basketball court, Daylon confessed that he loved the woman he loved the most. She should be the one, not Kiara. Daylon should be the one to kneel to her, not to Kiara. Daylon should love her, not Kiara. She should make Daylon happy, not the girl she was jealous of.

Who would have thought a woman could tame a bad boy and grumpy Daylon?

“It must be me,” Allian said weakly, wiping the tears from her left eye.

“She should be with me,” she added, and when she turned her back, she heard Daylon’s voice.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

Because of that word, she stopped breathing. It was as if the world had stopped and was broken. She let people look at her. Even her tears were dripping down her face one after the other.

“Are you alright, miss?”

“Why are you crying?”

“Do you need water?”

All she could do was shake her head and pass the boys because she didn’t want to watch what was happening on the basketball court.

She was the one who made that man. He should be the one for her. She was the woman who changed Daylon. But why? She had developed, but others had benefited. Where had she failed? Why was she in pain now after doing everything Daylon wanted?

“Fix your face.” She looked at the woman who spoke and saw her friend, Hillaree. Hillaree gave her a handkerchief, so she took it and wiped her face.

“Don’t cry; it’s all your fault. It’s your fault that you’re hurting now, Allian,” she said.

“I had to do that.”

“There were many options, but you chose to free him.”

“I had no choice.”

“You had many options. One of them was to fight.”

“If I fought, I wouldn’t see Daylon happy now. He would not be with the girl he truly loves.”

“You built him, Allian. You came first.”

“I’m old, Hillaree. I’m trash that someone threw away because he didn’t need me anymore.”

“Face it. You’re the one who wants that. You let Daylon go.”

“I love him, but I feel sorry for myself. I want to see myself happy. Just like him. I’d rather see him happy than suffer with me.” Allian heard Hillaree say ‘tsk’ and leave.

What Hillaree told her was true.

It was her fault that she was hurting now. It was her fault that she had lost Daylon. 

She was about to leave school when she suddenly saw Daylon standing and looking at the sky, releasing heavy raindrops. She hadn’t even felt the rain earlier. She took out her small umbrella from her bag and offered it to Daylon when she was next to him.

“I don’t need that,” Daylon told her coldly. She just sighed and took Daylon’s hand while placing the umbrella there. 

“You need it because you get sick quickly,” Allian said with a smile, and Daylon didn’t complain anymore. “How much you’ve changed,” she said softly.

“Thank you.” 

She looked at Daylon, who was still looking at the sky. 

“If you hadn’t broken up with me, I wouldn’t have known Kiara at all,” he added. The pain Allian felt tripled because of Daylon’s promises. She had thought he would be grateful because she had changed him, but he wasn’t. It made Allian feel like she didn’t matter. 

“I want you to know I loved you, but you ignored me,” Allian said.

After Daylon said that to Allian, he opened his umbrella to leave the school. Along with the lightning, Allian’s heart also stopped. 

“I won’t believe you loved me because you didn’t make me feel it,” she said to Daylon’s back. “Even if I had to, I didn’t feel your love.”

Allian couldn’t wait for the rain to stop. She ran to her car and let herself get soaked in the rain. If she got sick, she didn’t care because she preferred to feel physical pain rather than emotional pain.

“Miss,” her driver called, waving at her. “Why are you standing there watching it rain? You might catch a fever,” he added, but she ignored him.

When she got into the car, she immediately looked at Mrs. Fatsher, her secretary. 

“You have to sign something for me, Miss,” the secretary said.

“Can’t you see I’m wet? You have eyes, don’t you?” Allian snapped, and the secretary knelt and placed the paper in the folder.

“Let’s go to the bar, Leo. I need some air.”

Who would have thought that a religious woman was just a rebel?

“Yes, Miss.”

“Hurry up, please. I don’t want to see that girl next to me. It’s ruining my day,” Allian said to herself.

She would hide her true identity until she disappeared from the world. She would demonstrate to all those who had harmed her that she could live alone. She could defend herself without asking others for help. The next thing she would do was knock out people who fought her. She would make sure they stayed in jail until they died.

She was just getting started. You would see how she finished her story without getting hurt.


Allianna’s POV

“How are you feeling, Ms. Gregorio?” I slowly opened my eyes, and there I saw the head nurse of our school.

“What happened to me earlier?”

She frowned and grabbed my shoulder.

“Your classmate brought you here because you lost consciousness. I know you’re going through something, Ms. Gregorio. But don’t hurt yourself. You need to eat and care for yourself because you’re the only one in your family. You have to be strong.”

I suddenly remembered the accident that happened to my parents. That tragedy occurred last week, and I’m still in mourning. I knew they were in heaven because they were both saved, but I was still sad because they had disappeared from my life. And they weren’t the only ones I lost. Perhaps they saved me the money because our lawyer did not steal it.

“Think carefully about what I told you because you can’t be like that.”

“I know that. I’m lost on the path. I am still determining where I’m going now. I have nowhere to go.”

“You can go to our house first if you want. It’s just that my children are there, and they are children, so I’m sure you’ll have a hard time studying.”

“Not anymore.”

“But at least for a while, Ms. Gregorio. You must find a place to live because you don’t have a home. Come on, don’t be shy; you already know me. Then, you have many friends here who can help you because you are a good person.”

“I’m not good, but I’m fine. Suppose that’s what you want. I’ll be with you until I get a job to find a place to live.”

“Are you sure your parents didn’t leave you any money? Because it will be difficult to study if you go to work.”

“I have no choice but to work. Even if they did leave me money, I still have to work because I can’t always rely on that money.”

“Allian, you’re so young. Go to your next class. You’ll be fine. I’ll wait for you outside class to go to my house together later.”

“Can you go first? I have somewhere else to go. I know where your house is. So you don’t have to worry.”

“All right.”

“Thank you very much.”

When I left the clinic, my two friends, Makenzy and Ylonda, suddenly approached me.

“Oi! You’re so bad you didn’t even tell us you passed out!” Ylonda cried while hugging me.

“Don’t worry, Ylonda. How could Allian tell you that she fainted when she was unconscious? She’d need her brain for that too.”

“Yes! You’re the one with the brains out of the two of us.”

“Oh, don’t scream.” I laughed because of the madness between the two of them. So they looked at me.

Whenever I was with them, I became happy. Sometimes I couldn’t hold back my sadness and cried to them. 

“Are you all right? We heard that you passed out, so we went to the clinic. We didn’t know that you had woken up. It took a while for our teacher to leave.” I looked at Ylonda and laughed at her.

“I’m fine. What about you? You don’t have to worry because nothing bad will happen to me. I’m told I must eat now because I haven’t eaten since yesterday.”

“That’s why. Take care of yourself,” Makenzy interjected.

I couldn’t live with them. My friends weren’t rich, and their house was too crowded, so I didn’t have anywhere to sleep.

“I’m sorry, Allian. I want to let you sleep at our house. You don’t have a place to sleep anymore,” Ylonda said.

“It’s okay, Ylonda. I know you have a reason. Besides, they say I’ll be at Nurse Dyli’s house first, so I won’t have to think about where I’ll sleep tonight. All I need now is a job. I must find one so I don’t disturb Nurse Dyli’s family.”

“When we find a small apartment, we’ll call you immediately so you can move in right away.”

“Thank you.”

We were about to enter our classroom when suddenly a man blocked our path.

“The principal called you,” he said, looking at me. I pointed at myself to confirm that he was talking to me.

“Yes, you. So don’t be a baby. Just go to his office because I’m sure he’s waiting for you there,” he added, and I had to say goodbye to my friends and head to the principal’s office.

All the students I met looked down on me. I felt like I had done something terrible.

Wait, did I do something wrong? What did I do? Nothing. They just thought I was a terrible person.

“Now think about what you did, Allian, and apologize when you enter the principal’s office,” I told myself. “Why did I join? I’m just looking for a job; I’m alright.”

When I got inside the office, the police met me.

“Is she Ms. Alliana Gregorio?” the police asked the principal. I looked at the principal with a frown. What was happening?

“Yes, officer,” he answered.

I was surprised when suddenly someone grabbed my hand and handcuffed me.

“We are arresting you for killing Mr. Crisanto Gregorio and Mrs. Lianares Gregorio. You have no right to complain. We will allow you to hire your attorney to defend yourself.”

“What!? Wait! Let me go! I didn’t kill my parents! Where are you taking me?”

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