Book cover of “The Marriage Deal“ by Teefabulous

The Marriage Deal

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Teefabulous
Madelyn's life is shattered by a single phone call: her father is dead. With suspicion and secrets lurking in the shadows, she joins forces with her enigmatic ex-lover, Richard, in a dangerous contract marriage. As they dance between desire and deceit, their journey uncovers a twisted web of manipulation, revenge, and unexpected passion. Will they ... 

Chapter 1. Prologue



A soft knock on my door jolted me awake. With a soft moan, I scrambled out of my bed to the door. Slowly, I pressed down the knob, and when the door creaked open, my boyfriend, Richard, stood in front of me with a bouquet in his hands.

My lips broke into a wide grin. “Is that for me?” I asked, gesturing at the bouquet.

“Of course.”

Delighted, I took it from him, arched on my toes, and placed a soft feathery kiss on his lips.

Damn, I love this guy.

Richard and I started dating six months ago. I was in high school, sophomore, to be precise, while he was two years my senior. I have always had a secret crush on him. Being the school jock, the perfect guy, intelligent, handsome, and rich, every girl in Macaulay High School wanted him.

So who was I to compete for his attention? Nonetheless, fate made a turn, and I got very lucky when Richard attended my friend Ria’s birthday party. He did so because Ria’s elder brother happened to be his best friend. He asked me out that night.

Since then, the memories have lived in my head rent-free. I accepted right away. I’d be damned to say no to the most eligible male student of Macaulay High. I considered myself lucky. Because amidst the girls in my school, I don’t think I stood a great chance of winning Richard’s heart. Fine, you could pass me for a pretty girl. But I was more like a nerd. So like I said, fate made a turn. A good one at that.

Inhaling the sweet-scented fragrance from the rose, I gave a loud sneeze.

“Are you okay?” Concern and curiosity were evident in his tone.

Straightening my back, I responded with a warm smile. “Whenever you are here with me, I am always happy.”

Richard chuckled. I stepped aside for him to come into my room, which he did. Then, I closed the door softly behind me.

“How are you, Madelyn?” Butterflies erupted in my stomach at the mention of my name. Up until now, I have grown fond of hearing Richard call my name. His deep masculine voice riveted with pure affection.

But this time, I wasn’t excited as usual. Rather, depressed.

I expelled sharp air out of my lungs. “I am fine, but I still can’t get over the fact that you’d be leaving soon.”

“Tomorrow,” he added.

My eyes shot up to his. “What?”

He shoved his fingers into his disheveled black hair and rummaged through. “I will be leaving tomorrow, Madeline. I came to tell you that.”

Everything stood still.

I froze in my spot, unable to comprehend what he just told me. Tomorrow? But he actually made mention of leaving next week. Richard got into Harvard University, and I had no choice but to be happy for my boyfriend.

Colors drained from my cheeks. “But you said next week!” I complained.

He covered the distance between us and encircled his hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him. “I am sorry, Madelyn.”

I could feel the rush of emotion tugging at the base of my throat. It took every ounce of strength left in me not to break down in tears.

Batting my eyelashes to force back the tears, I managed to ask. “What is the reason, Rick? Don’t you want to see me anymore?” My voice cracked. Tears were filling my eyes.

At this moment, my heart was wrenching in pain.

“No, no, no.” Richard tilted my chin and made me stare deep into his aqua-blue orb eyes. “You know I have always cared for you, Madelyn. But I have to go earlier to fit in. Harvard isn’t a regular type of college. You know that, right?”

I issued him an affirmative nod. “Yes.”

His gaze softened, and he stroked my chin. “We will be fine, Madelyn. I promise you that. Nothing will happen to our relationship except distance. All you need to do is apply to Harvard next year, and we will be together once again.

Bile was starting to rise in my throat. For one thing, I knew getting into Harvard ain’t easy. So I made up my mind then and there to work hard in my studies, so I could get to be with my boyfriend.


Richard took the bouquet from me and flung it on my dressing chair. Before I knew what was happening, his lips crashed down on mine, and I was startled for a split second.

Soon, I regained myself and kissed him back with everything I’d got. The kiss was passionate, warm, and very intense. Parting my lips, he took that as a cue and plunged his tongue into my mouth.

A small moan escaped my lips, and I arched high. He guided me toward the bed. Gently, he lowered me into the mattress and settled between my legs.

I released another moan when his hand cupped my right breast through the fabric covering my upper torso. Richard lifted me a smidgeon and yanked my shirt off.

My toes curled up in ecstasy the moment his lips landed on my nipples. I became a moaning mess as he licked, suckled, and teased my tits.

“Oh, Richard....yes, yes.” My fingers found their way into his hair, and I was enjoying every bit of what he was doing to me.

A wave of pleasure swept through me, and I could feel myself on cloud nine. Damn, the feeling was too surreal.

One thing led to another, and Richard and I ended up making love. To be honest, he popped my cherry in the act, making me a woman. And I allowed it to be our parting gift to express my token of love back to him.

Breathing heavily, I laid my head on his arm and grinned sheepishly.

“How do you feel, Madelyn?” he asked, stroking my hair with his other hand.

“Amazing,” I breathed. “It stings a little, but I feel amazing,” I conceded.

Richard chuckled. “I will never forget this moment, Madelyn.” Our gazes were entwined with one another, and he continued in a husky tone. “You know I’m only eighteen, right?”

Wondering where he was heading with that conversation, I managed a small nod.

“And you are sixteen.” He nuzzled my nose with his. “I don’t want you to cry or feel lonely while I’m gone. And you have to understand that this is the age where we get to plan our lives, so I hope you understand, Madelyn.”

“I do, Richard,” I bemoaned. “And I am going to do my best to get into Harvard next year, so I can get to be with you.”

Richard smiled. Hell, his smile was the most beautiful thing I have ever set my eyes on.

“I love you, Madelyn.”

My heart skipped a beat, and my breath hitched as he said that. This was the first time Richard used the word ‘love’ for me.

Elevated over the moon, I claimed his lips and murmured, “I love you too.”

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