Book cover of “Contract Wife of the Mafia Boss“ by Pipoy

Contract Wife of the Mafia Boss

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Pipoy
“Selena!” “Yes, sir?” “Get ready.” “For what?” “We are getting married tonight.” *** Selena is a cashier at a minimarket situated on the outskirts of the capital city. This minimarket operates in an environment teeming with high-class criminals. Despite her innocent and naive reputation, Selena encounters a man resembling a Greek prince, who ... 

Chapter 1

Selena counted the items bought by a customer. She honestly still felt scared facing the thugs who came to buy something at the minimarket where she worked.

“30 dollars,” Selena said.

The male thug handed over the money to Selena and left without taking the payment receipt. Selena could only sigh and pat her chest as she had to deal with many strange behaviors from the thugs or gangsters.

Selena looked around the minimarket, which was quite spacious. “Why is it so difficult to find a job?” Selena complained about her life.

“Hey Miss, don’t daydream!! Quickly count this!!”

Selena’s daydream was interrupted by the loud voice. She immediately snapped out of it and started doing her job.

“Thank you, come again,” Selena said in a low voice. A sentence that she said almost every day to customers. Although, sometimes, she forgot to say it because there were so many customers coming in.

“Are there no normal people around here like me? Why are there so many gangsters and thugs? Selena, you’re tired of living just because you need money,” Selena muttered, cursing herself.

Although Selena kept complaining, she still didn’t dare to leave her job. Selena really needed a lot of money because of the financial problems she was facing. Especially since Selena also had to pay for her grandmother’s hospital bills. Therefore, she continued to work here, even though she was very scared.

“May God always protect me,” Selena thought to herself.

Kring... the sound of the minimarket door opening.

Selena swallowed her saliva as she saw a group of men with many tattoos enter the minimarket. Selena looked at the clock on the wall, which showed that it was already 8 pm. “I’ll be home soon,” Selena muttered.

A group of men whom Selena knew to be thugs approached the cashier and placed 10 bottles of alcoholic drinks on the counter. Without much talking, Selena immediately scanned the 10 bottles of alcohol.

“Those cigarettes! Hurry up!” one of the thugs yelled, pointing at the cigarette display.

Quickly, Selena grabbed the cigarettes he wanted and also counted them.

“The total is 35 dollars,” Selena said politely, with a charming smile.

Selena took the credit card and swiped it. “Thank you for your visit,” Selena said, smiling politely.

“Lame. I thought you’d quit this job. I didn’t expect a nerdy girl with big glasses like you to last for a month! You’re cool!”

Selena scratched her head, even though it didn’t itch, hearing his words. She was amazed at herself for still enduring.

“Because I am a good person! So the boss keeps me,” Selena replied loudly.

The group of thugs laughed at Selena’s innocent and naive response.

Selena’s face only showed a bewildered expression as she heard their loud laughter.

“You’re such a naive kid!! Your boss is keeping you because there’s no one else willing to work for him in this criminal neighborhood! A little and naive girl like you is brave enough!”

Selena could only smile innocently in response to their words.

“Aren’t you afraid, kid? Especially as a woman working in this criminal environment?” one of the gangsters asked.

“My boss said I’ll be safe. He promised to protect me. Besides, you guys have never done anything bad, even though your way of speaking is very rough and scares me. But you’ve never done anything bad,” Selena replied.

“Hey, kid! We are good men dealing with foolish and naive kids like you! But who knows, there might be a gangster who will harm you! Be careful, kid. You could become prey for the wild men out there!”

After saying that, the gangsters left the minimarket, leaving Selena alone again. Hearing their words made Selena shudder in fear once again.

Her legs suddenly became weak, making her sit on the cold floor of the minimarket. “Oh my god! What they said might be true. I might die!” Selena exclaimed in a weak voice.

“Argh! I can’t die! Grandma will be devastated!”

“Selena, what are you doing there? Did someone hurt you?”

Selena lifted her head at the familiar voice. Her eyes saw the face of the person calling her.

“Boss!” Selena immediately stood up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Boss, I want to quit!”


“The gangster said that if another man bothers me, I could be in danger!” Selena started to tell her boss about everything the gangsters said to her.

Meanwhile, Boss Kang placed a reassuring hand on Selena’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Selena. Your boss has promised to protect you. No one will dare to harm or touch you. Look, it’s because of your kindness and intelligence that this minimarket is thriving, and there is nothing unusual happening. Isn’t that right?!”

“But what about the words of those thugs..”

“Selena, they like women who are sexy with curvy bodies and full makeup. The men in this neighborhood prefer women like that. You are very far from their type. Those men are just teasing you.”

Selena glanced at her boss as he spoke those words. “So, am I really ugly, boss? That is why no one notices me?”

Boss Kang immediately shook his head when he saw the pouting expression Selena gave him. “Of course not. You’re beautiful. It’s just that you’re not the type of those thugs or gangsters. Do you want to be liked by them?”

“No,” Selena replied while shaking her head.

“So, you don’t need to quit, okay?!” Boss Kang touched Selena’s hands and gave her a pleading look.

“I will raise your salary again! Come on, Selena, don’t resign. You’re great here, and even sales have been booming this past month.”

Selena’s eyes lit up with happiness when she heard her boss’s words. “Okay, Boss, but you have to keep your promise to protect me.”

“Of course, Selena. Besides, if something happens, just press the red button, and it will immediately connect to the police. So, everything will be fine!”

Selena smiled happily at her boss’s response. “Okay, Boss. I won’t quit.”

Boss Kang was thrilled to hear Selena’s answer. “Your shift is over. Go change and go home safely! Be careful on the way. Take the route that your boss often tells you.”

“Alright, boss!” Selena replied loudly. Then, she briefly lowered her head. Selena walked towards the staff room to change clothes and take her belongings.

“That girl is naive. Hopefully, she is always protected by God,” Boss Kang said while counting the results of running the store from 10 am to 8 pm today. “Selena is great! The income has increased dramatically,” Boss Kang muttered with a happy smile.

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