Book cover of “Vampire's Obsession“ by Michy

Vampire's Obsession

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Michy
I’ve got a dream. A strange dream, to be precise. “Selene!” When I heard my name, I halted my movement and looked at the man who called me. I immediately recognized him. “It’s you…” He gave me a charming smile. “Selene… please…” He approached me carefully. “Please, suck my blood.” Selene has always been a picky vampire when it comes to food,... 

Chapter 1

Selene's POV

I felt something penetrate my skin just as I was awakening.

I opened my eyes gradually and scowled when I saw that object.

I'm mistaken; the woman is dressed in a nurse's uniform rather than a white dress.

Am I in a medical facility?

I glanced around when I heard a recognizable voice say, "Selene."

The term "Sister Vera."

Before speaking, she gave me a frowning expression.

She replied with a concern, "What happened? Why did you suddenly lose consciousness?"

The nurse abruptly jumped in to ask a question before I could respond. When she had finished giving me dextrose, she abruptly left.

I replied, "I don't know; it's just that my body suddenly became weak."

Even now, I have no idea why it occurred. I've never had this happen to me before.

Vera sighs and leans back against the chair. She sat down with her hands crossed.

She softly added, "Thank goodness someone got you to the hospital right away.

I suddenly remembered what I had last seen before going unconsciouss

My next question was, "Who is the one who brought me here, and where is he?"

I'm worried. The person who brought me here seemed to have been the last person I saw.

Sister Vera extended her hand before indicating a man standing nearby.

I could see the man's complete face from there. He is conversing with Niko.

I stared at the man in shock, "What the hell?!" I yelled.

Vera chastised me again, "Selene, how many times do I have to tell you to watch what you say?"

I disregarded it and went for her long sleeve.

I frantically called out, "Sister!"


I muttered to her, "That's him, the man who always shows up in my dreams!"

"How confident are you?"


I had no idea that this man even existed.

I erroneously assumed I was reading a book.

"You must stay away from him."

Vera's remarks astounded me, and I scowled when I saw it.

Curious, I asked, "Why?"

I cannot wait to speak with that dude. "So why?"

She looked at the man and then turned back to me, "So, in brief, he knows our family's secrets. He always informed me that when he appeared in my dream, he always requested me to suck his blood."

When she said this, I remained silent.

Actually, the man in my dream used to say that a lot.

That indicates that he is aware of our family's secret.

We are vampiric creatures.

I suddenly remembered what the two female classmates had stated.

"Vampires like them should be put to death."

I clung to my blanket firmly out of fear.

What if people discover our secret as a result of this man?

I was hesitant to tell Vera about this, "Yeah, you're right. I should avoid him."***

Niko joined us a short while ago along with the person who brought me.

Niko said to me freely, "You're awake." I merely nodded. "By the way, this is Dominic Tiago, who brought you to the hospital."

I gulped before turning to face Dominic and grinning.

I can see his face now. I was no longer able to restrain myself.

I'm so in awe.

I overheard Dominic say: "Ahm. I have to go. I'm late."

Niko gave him a smile, and say "thank you"

"Don't mention it." He said

I merely observed Dominic go from where I was.

I still find it hard to accept his existence.


I turned around when I overheard Vera asking Niko, "Brother Niko, what did the doctor say to Selene?"

Niko sighed and took off his spectacles.

Niko stated seriously, "I'll tell you when we get home."

I believe it to be so crucial that he must explain the situation to his siblings at home.

"Then, brother, when can I leave here? This hospital is so monotonous."

"Don't worry, you'll only be here for three hours."

"Really? 3 hours??!"

Vera reprimanded me once more, "Selene, your mouth." But I disregarded her.

"Brother Niko, why is it still having dextrose here after I've only been here for three hours?" I said before raising my hand to display the dextrose clinging to the back of my palm.

It hurts somewhat.

Nikos murmured softly, "That's the only way you won't be mistaken for a vampire."

Even. Other options abound.

Sister Vera questioned, "The doctor you talked to, brother, that's your friend, right?"


By the way, I neglected to mention that vampires can be found everywhere.

Others continue to pose as people. similar to us.

They continued to speak. but I stopped paying attention. I'm just spinning; nothing makes sense.

Felix will pick you up here later, "Selene, we have to leave first." I overheard Niko say:

I waved at him and said, "Okay, see ya.

I immediately sighed with relief as they left and returned to my hospital bed.

I continued in that manner for a few hours until I abruptly heard cries.

I swiftly circled around to take a closer look.

Six people were being transported to the emergency room on a stretcher, and several of them were sobbing hysterically.

The dextrose tied to me prevents the case from getting any closer, which I would prefer.

But I simply looked because I was curious.

However, I simply looked for someone to ask because I was curious. Up until I noticed two nurses chatting nearby.

"Excuse me, may I ask a question?" I ask in a courteous manner.

The moment they both turned to face me, the two nurses walked over to me.

"Yes?" and "What is it?"

The question I asked is gossipy, "What happened to the patient brought to the emergency room?"

A nurse stated it made me halt, "Oh, isn't it? They say it's a victim of a vampire."

What? One more victim?

"Are you sure?" they ask.

"Yes! They actually found two holes on the side of the man's neck; it's a good thing he's still alive," the other affirmed.

Sh*t. Who the hell would do something like that?

Vampires are bound by a rule. So, what causes this?

They will see the elders' rage, whatever they are. 

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