Book cover of “The CEO's Sexy One-Night Stand“ by SOURLYSWEET

The CEO's Sexy One-Night Stand

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
A rich heiress, Chantal, grew up spoiled and out of control to the extent that her father, Roman Miller, decided to arrange her marriage with his friend’s son. Pissed about her father’s decision, Chantal throws herself into the embrace of a total stranger, with whom she spends a wild night. She wakes up the next morning only to find out that her fi... 

Chapter 1

Chantal’s POV

I didn’t know where I was, and I didn’t care as the mysterious man continued to kiss me. He gripped me unexpectedly from behind, making me feel his manhood, as soon as we broke off the kiss and carried me into the bedroom.

“Why are you acting this way? You mentioned you are getting married, didn’t you?” he asked.

He abruptly shoved me up against the wall and kissed my neck, making me feel exposed. I could feel his heated breath between kisses.

“He’s someone I don’t know, and that wedding was obviously for business,” I said between our kisses. “Might as well give me to someone I don’t know.”

I shoved him onto the bed and positioned myself on top of him, making my pearl feel his bulge. As I danced above him, I started kissing his lips. He groaned as his breath decreased.

He immediately changed our position, and I took off his clothes.

That was it then. When I regained consciousness after his kiss, I saw that I was only wearing underwear, so he swiftly took off my bra, sucked my left breast, and stroked it. His hands found mine, but I was unaware of it.

“You are so wet, holy crap!” he exclaimed.

I lost my groan as his constant sucking on my breast and quick fingers inside my pearl gave me undeniable thirst. I experienced both agony and extreme pleasure.

The man abruptly pointed the sword at me, leaving me helpless about what to do.

I attempted to lick its tip with my tongue’s end, hoping it would please him. When suddenly he pushed my head down, making it go deeper, I attempted to swallow it whole. 

He gave me an appeasing growl. “First time?” He abruptly tore my underwear as I tried to catch my breath.

He kissed me from the base of my neck to my jaw, his mouth tracing my lips like a thirsty desert traveler returning home to drink water.

Just then, I saw the man place his things on top of the drawer beside the bed. His wallet was open, and I saw his name.

I returned from my awe when his finger inside my pearl didn’t stop, and then his tongue began to wrestle with mine and play with my saliva.

I looked at the man with gloomy eyes and said, “Please.”

I’m willing to lose my virginity to a stranger.

“Tsk!” The man entered my pearl, and the heat then overwhelmed our bodies.


I was in so much anguish that I had to close my eyes before experiencing pleasure.

The man played with my tits, and my whine was unavoidable. He had a ton of expertise in this. That much was clear.

Suddenly I couldn’t control myself, and to spice things up, I said, “Please, make it harder.”

He quickly accelerated his pace and gave me his all, and the force of the collision made it sound like someone was clapping.

“You’re a bad girl!”

He abruptly picked up the pace, which surprised me.

It made me moan even more, and I couldn’t help but go crazy with these feelings.

I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep until I saw the man leaving with my sleepy eyes. I was curious to know where he was going. Then everything turned pitch-black.


In the dark room, a scent of vanilla filled the air from a candle. I woke up, looking at the unfamiliar room, and fluttered my eyes like the wings of a butterfly. I gazed at the fancy-looking room.

As I woke up, I felt a vibration next to me, so I rummaged through the bed to look for my phone. 

“32 missed calls and ten messages?!” I said to myself. “Why so many?” I shouted across the room and pulled myself to sit up. I opened the notifications and saw they were from my father.

My hands went to my mouth as I read the messages. Finally, I looked at my phone and rolled my eyes, “As if you’re indeed worried about me.”

I stood up with a heavy feeling and went to the bathroom. I read the messages about how concerned my father was, but I ignored them. Although I found the room unfamiliar, I managed to find the bathroom without any problem.

I rinsed my face with cold water at the sink and looked in the mirror for a moment. 


I hugged my small body, saying, “Why am I naked?!”

I ran out of the bathroom, my hand on my forehead, as I saw that my clothes were scattered on the floor.

I held my forehead and recalled what had happened last night. 

I was with a man and started to do crazy shit… And I don’t know if we stopped or if he put his next generation inside my womb.

I began to tremble and tried to comfort myself, “It’s okay. You’ve done that to yourself!” I shook my head and took a quick shower before leaving the room.

I put on the same clothes I had been wearing the night before, a tight velvet tube-type dress in hot red. 

I walked into the hotel lobby with a spinning gaze, where I was stopped by men in suits who looked familiar.

“Mr. Miller has asked for your presence,” the man said.

I rolled my eyes and walked to where the man was heading. I was confused as we passed to another part of the hotel, but I knew it was for the best. I also didn’t want to be on the front page for walking out of a random hotel.

As we walked through the narrow alley, the guards suddenly held me by the arms, and I was alarmed.

“What are you doing? Get your hands off of me!” I struggled, but I was guided in front of a large curtain. Beyond the curtain, the screams of the people could be heard. 

“Gerald! I command you to release my arm in this instance!” The man named Gerald was not swayed and remained standing while holding my arm.

“Thank you for your warm welcome!”

“That was Dad! What the heck is going on?!” I said to myself.

“And thank you for coming to my daughter and Mateo Harris’s wedding!” 

People cheered, and my forehead wrinkled. 

“What?! Harris?!” I shouted, and just then, I was pushed out of the curtain and fell to my knees. A dazzling sight almost blinded my wide eyes.

I saw my dad and a man approaching me who seemed to be Mr. Harris. I couldn’t see what his face looked like when he suddenly knelt in front of me. He leaned to my ear, and a vanilla fragrance enveloped my nose.

Mateo Harris caressed the edge of his lips while grinning. “Too excited to the point that you haven’t changed your dress?”

I was shocked when I saw that the man in front of me was the same man I had been with last night.

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