Book cover of “The Noble Son-In-Law. Book 2“ by Yay Yay

The Noble Son-In-Law. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yay Yay
Theophilus Jake, a simple man of modest means, finds himself thrust into the spotlight after rescuing Dulcie Miller's grandfather. Grateful for his bravery, the grandfather makes Dulcie get married to Theophilus despite her being the belle of the city and having numerous suitors. Their marriage isn't the stuff of fairy tales, though. Dulcie does... 

Chapter 1

"Young Master Alexander, Ms. Walker is inside!"

Magnus James stood behind Theophilus, with Phelan not far off. Magnus James looked at the sign overhead and muttered discontentedly: "Mr. Brown's daughter is also studying inside."

Magnus had changed a lot, aided by Spring Life and his martial arts training since childhood, though without a master's guidance, he could have already made a breakthrough to the Heavenly tier.

Phelan was a Heavenly tier master, sent by Theophilus to Radiant Harbor to assist Magnus in his training.

Theophilus shook his head and sighed,

"Let's go meet them, after which I'll leave."

Theophilus, not using telepathy, casually put on his gloves and headed towards the school, followed closely by Magnus and Phelan.

The Film Academy in Radiant Harbor was the largest star-making institution in all of Empyria, having produced numerous famous actors and directors. Only those seeds with potential future stardom were admitted here, making it a beauty-filled paradise desired by many young men and women of Empyria.

Now, Theophilus could be described as transcendently elegant, with shoulder-length hair, dressed in a plain black outfit, tall and handsome. Despite the presence of many good-looking men, none could compare to Theophilus, who immediately caught the eyes of many girls around him.

"Oh, that guy is so handsome, what department is he from?"

"Right, even more handsome than a movie star!"

"I'll go ask for his phone number, do you think he'll give it?"

The girls at the academy, all meticulously made-up and beautiful, barely in their twenties but as glamorous as stars, turned their eyes to Theophilus and began whispering among themselves.

Theophilus's handsome appearance, unlike the frivolous male stars, radiated a unique air of noble elegance and his tall stature only added to his charisma, flawless from head to toe.

The girls quickly approached him, girls of this era being quite bold.

However, they all ultimately failed in the face of Theophilus’s calm, serene gaze.

"By the way, do you know which dormitory Maegan Brown is in?"

As another girl quietly left, Theophilus called out to her and gently inquired.

He had called Amethyst Walker, who would arrive immediately, but he didn’t have Maegan Brown's number. Since Vincent Brown’s death, Maegan's family had seldom been in touch with them, yet Isidore and Magnus had been secretly looking after Maegan and her mother. Now, Isidore had taken over Vincent Brown’s prominent position in Radiant Harbor.

The girl was secretly delighted, but her face fell when she heard Maegan’s name.

"So you’re looking for Maegan."

"It seems you’re too handsome to be studying here, chasing after Maegan, no wonder we’ve never met before."

"Oh my, there goes our hope, how can we ever compete with Maegan?"

One of the beautiful girls among them smiled at Theophilus and casually approached him: "Coincidentally, Maegan is in the dorm today, I'm her roommate, Lorelei Gonzalez."

"Thank you!"

Theophilus also smiled.

Throughout the journey, Lorelei Gonzalez occasionally introduced herself to Theophilus in hopes of catching his attention, but Theophilus just smiled and rarely spoke.

Lorelei had thought that at least Theophilus would look at her a bit longer, but his face remained calm, and he just nodded slightly.

"He just wears average or better clothing, something many at school could afford. But despite attending many high-end parties, I've never met anyone as composed as him, not even the young masters from Radiant Harbor possess such an aura. I'm certain his background is not ordinary at all!" Lorelei thought to herself, her smile brightening instantly.

"Are you pursuing Maegan? I've never heard Maegan mention you, and her current movie is quite popular! Every day, rich young men drive to the dormitory gate waiting for her, and there are enough roses thrown in our dorm's trash to open a florist. Among them is even Mr. Lippman, the son of the CEO of Sunset Valley Entertainment." Lorelei probed silently.

Sunset Valley Entertainment is currently the largest entertainment company in Empyria, boasting many stars and significant global influence.

"Oh!" Theophilus appeared unconcerned.

His attitude made it impossible for Lorelei to guess Theophilus's true identity.

It was unclear whether Theophilus was feigning his nonchalance or if he was simply confident in himself, not considering Sunset Valley Entertainment as anything significant.

They quickly reached the front of the dormitory.

Indeed, many luxury cars were parked there, owned by students from Radiant Harbor Film Academy. Many beautiful girls had boyfriends from outside the school, some even supported by the wealthy.

But the red Ferrari stood out the most, with its scissor doors and large exhaust, its sleek shape exuding a science-fiction aesthetic.

"That's Young Master Lippman's car!" Lorelei pointed at the Ferrari and said: "Mr. Lam, let me call him for you, but I'm not sure if Maegan will come down."

Theophilus looked at Lorelei, smiled, and told her: "Tell her I'm a friend of her father's. She'll surely come down to meet me!"

"Alright!" Lorelei nodded and went upstairs.


On the fifth floor of the dormitory, room 503.

A beautiful girl in a strappy top, her eyes seductive like a fox spirit, lay on the windowsill. She smiled at the luxury car below and called to her ethereal roommate: "Maegan, are you sure you don't want to meet him? With Uriah Lippman's help, navigating the entertainment industry could be much easier for you."

"Jodie, with your outfit, you better close the window now, it's too revealing!" Maegan looked at her roommate with a helpless expression.

"I'm this beautiful so they can look but can't touch, let them drool!" Jodie stepped in from the window, smiling.

At that moment, Lorelei entered the room. She looked at the refined and beautiful Maegan with a hint of envy: "Maegan, there's a handsome guy waiting for you downstairs. He says he's a friend of your father."


Maegan frowned, saying:

"Let me go down and check."

"Maegan, don't be silly, there's no way a young man would be friends with your uncle!", Jodie grabbed her coat and hurriedly followed.

Lorelei smiled as she watched them rush out the door, then took out her phone to text.

"I have to go see for myself, whether it's true or not."

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