Book cover of “Four Is Better“ by Rose Jay

Four Is Better

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rose Jay
From auditions to landing a breakout role alongside a Hollywood star, Samantha Murphy's dreams are becoming a reality. But with fame knocking on her door, will her closest friendships survive the glitz and glamour? 

Chapter 1

"Sam! Come down for breakfast, your dad's leaving in fifteen minutes!" I hear mom call out.

"Coming!" I yell back as I hurriedly pack my things into my backpack, taking a quick glance in the mirror. 

My name is Samantha Murphy  and I'm an ordinary fifteen-year-old girl who wants to become extraordinary one day. I love acting and I want to be a big shot actor— to be fair, every aspiring actor wants to be a big shot actor. I believe I have the looks and the talent to become one. I can say that I am determined, enthusiastic and resolute with a you-can-do-it and never-give-up spirit. I've never really been in a real movie before but I've acted in quite a number of plays in my school and at shows so I'm kinda like a household name in my neighborhood. This school play is my chance of getting my first lead role ever and I know I'm going to get it because I've literally rehearsed my butt off for the auditions. 

I hear Megan, my younger sister, snicker and say, "I bet she's still rehearsing for that dumb play audition."

On hearing that I increase my speed down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Good morning everyone," I greet, "except for you Megan."

Megan is my eight-year-old younger sister. She is slightly chubby with her round cheeks which is actually pretty cute, complemented by her gummy smile. She is also naughty, saucy, mischievous and super annoying. Did I mention that she's super annoying? I'm sure I couldn't have missed it. 

"Like I care," Megan scoffs. 

"You know what, the play I'm auditioning for is not dumb, and you know what else, I am gonna get the female lead role, and after watching my stellar performance and amazing talent, I'm gonna be called to act on the big screen and probably perform on Broadway, then I'm gonna go on to become a star, a big shot actor and you are gonna regret ever calling me dumb," I say, feeling myself. I look around, only to find my family staring awkwardly at me.

"That's great, honey," my parents say in unison, a little too awkwardly if I may add. 

Did they really think that I couldn't become a successful actor?

Megan gives me a deadpan stare. "Okay Angelina Jolie, I didn't call you dumb, I called your dumb play dumb."

"Same thing!"

"Whatever." Megan rolls her eyes. 

"Mom, Megan's disrespecting me," I complain.

"Megan, stop disrespecting your older sister and finish your breakfast."


Mrs. Ron Murphy is my mom and my lookalike, the only difference between us is that I have straight black hair while hers is blond and wavy. Her hair is beautiful and sometimes I wish I had her kind of hair. She's caring, loving and affectionate. Mom is an event planner and owns a hall where she plans events and parties for her customers which means she is always busy, but she makes sure to make out time for her family and kids; something I admire about her. 

I continue to rehearse for my audition while mom serves me breakfast- waffles and whipped cream.

"You sure you don't want me to help you rehearse, honey?"

I quickly take a mouthful of my waffle and chew slowly, then gently shake my head. Millie sniggers and covers it up by sipping some water when I glare at her.

"Alright honey."

"I need to leave for my appointment now, if I spend another minute here I'm going to be late," dad says as he downs the last coffee in his mug and stands up.

And this is my dearest dad, Mr. Basil Murphy. He is our pillar; responsible and dependable, and at the same time jovial, funny and quirky. As usual, he has to leave early either for work or an important appointment. Despite his busy schedule, he also tries to make out time to spend with his wife and children which I also admire about him. 

"But it's your turn to take the kids to school today, you know that I have a lot of errands to run this morning," mom tells him.

"Can you just take them today, then I'll take them for the next two days or Tanya can just take them, she literally does nothing around here. I really need to leave now okay," dad pecks mom on the forehead, "be good kids," he says to us before leaving the house.

"We'll try," Megan responds.

"Tanya!" mom calls out.

"I'm right here, no need to yell, geez." We all watch as Tanya makes her way down the stairs in all her glory, with her shiny straight blond hair and her signature gait. I notice that her hair looks fuller and longer, it is waist-length now, and she keeps turning her head so that the hair would swing.

Tanya is my seventeen-year-old big sister. She's an internet celebrity and an influencer which is why she dresses so expensively and spends so much money because she feels that she always has to look peng and picture ready. Did I mention she's a picture and selfie freak? I have now. She's also saucy and annoying, though not nearly as annoying as Megan. Tanya is totally body goals and has one of the best set of dentition I've ever seen in a person's mouth. She's literally perfect, except that she is obnoxiously self-centered. She thinks and acts like she's the damn queen of the world(she is a drama queen so I'll give her that). Say one bad thing about her or any part of her and get ready to feel her wrath. Oh yeah, she also doesn't like sharing her clothes, makeup or accessories, she can literally share her heart and kidney with you but not those, never. 

When Tanya finally makes it down the stairs, she swirls and grins at us.

"Tada!" she exclaims, "notice anything new?"

"Nah, not really."

"You added extensions to your hair."

"I've noticed that you now take a lot of time getting ready for school."

Megan, myself and mom reply simultaneously.

"Whatever, I know I look great regardless," she dismisses us as she majestically takes her seat and looks around. "Where's breakfast?"

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