Book cover of “She's Special“ by Sonitaolise

She's Special

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Sonitaolise
Elizabeth was born with extraordinary powers, but her inability to control them has caused her parents to send her to a school outside the city to help her learn. Despite making some friends, Elizabeth also makes enemies and seems to attract trouble in all her supernatural classes. To make things worse, her evil twin appears at every opportunity an... 

Chapter 1

When I was born, my mom told me that the first time I cried, a heavy rain fell in the entire city. It was a huge storm that hit every citizen’s door in town. I didn't believe her when she told me that, but on my 15th birthday, I saw it for myself. The rain and peaceful breeze turned into a turbulence in the dark stormy clouds at Lakeville.

Many suggested that it was one of those nights when the gods were angry. Others felt, or better yet took it as a disturbing sign that something bad was about to happen, something that had to do with me.

My name is Elizabeth William Barrington. I am the daughter of William and Darling Barrington, lawyers with hefty paychecks. My parents are respected in the city, and a lot of people love them, but I'm sure they're just there for the money, the huge gift cards, and tokens they lavish on the people of Lakeville.

I just started attending the city college, and my mom made the principal of the school personally take charge of my affairs. I don't know why I get so much attention from all the teachers at city college. Even a dumb person can notice that there's something wrong.

Apart from my parents being lawyers, they have their attention fixed elsewhere, away from the eyes of the people of Lakeville and their subordinates. My dad, Mr. William Barrington, is not only a lawyer but also an Alpha. He leads a long line of ravaging werewolves, whereas my mom, Mrs. Darling Barrington, is a Luna, the second-in-command to dad's pack.

And since I am their daughter, I have become a werewolf, but not just any werewolf. I am a half-wolf, half-vampire, and also a half-witch. I triple the powers my parents have, and I am also a danger to other packs whom my dad calls the outcasts. Outcasts are like lone wolves; they have no packs and are definitely dangerous to a lot of us living in the city.

Last week, a lone wolf attacked a woman on her way home. He literally ripped her heart and tore her body, limb from limb.

My dad thinks that the wolves should find a way to eliminate the outcasts, but if asked, I feel like there’s more to what we seem to know the truth about.

“Miss Elizabeth, can you tell me what year the United States of America gained independence?” Standing in front of Mrs. Fatima, who was standing by my table and facing my classmates who turned their eyes and claws to rattle me if I somehow failed, I took out my book.

“I don’t really know, ma’am,” I answered blankly to Mrs. Fatima.

“You can try, I know you can,” Mrs. Fatima replied by collecting my book, the only leverage to find out the truth. With my book in her custody, I had no idea what to do. Although I’m quite good at my duties as the daughter of an alpha, history is my weakness. Who fucking cares when the United States of America gained that stupid independence?

“Mrs. Fatima,” I heard Rita call. “4 July 1776,” she said, glaring at me. And so did everyone.

“Correct, Miss Rita,” said Mrs. Fatima as she walked back to the chalkboard in front, but she later turned to me and said, “Elizabeth, you should try to pay attention in class.”

I angrily squeezed my hands underneath my desk. I wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was anger or a sign of disgrace, but maybe both? I couldn't really tell.

I took out my books to study when Mrs. Fatima requested that we do so.

After two hours of boring history, I left with my bag hitting against my back. I was just about to reach the door when Mrs. Fatima called me back into the classroom.


I heard her voice calling me as I turned to face her.

“Yes, ma’am?” I answered, dragging my feet forward as I walked back towards her.

Mrs. Fatima brought out a chair and asked me to sit down, but when I refused, she compelled me to sit by touching my shoulder. What the hell was that about?

“Tell me, Miss Elizabeth, how are your parents?”

She brought out another chair and sat down on it, but her face was directly looking at me.

“Ma’am, my parents are fine, but what do you want to know?” I asked, lowering my gaze to her pointy shoes that were firmly directed at me.

She shook her head. “Nothing, I was just curious,” she said, but there was doubt in her voice.

“Curious about what?” I asked.

Mrs. Fatima got up from her chair and approached her weird-looking pet, Mr. Dandy, who happened to be a deadly scorpion. She picked it up with her hand and turned to face me.

“You know what, Elizabeth?” she laughed. “You can go, and do have a nice day.”


I got up from the chair she had previously forced me to sit in and left the classroom. Before leaving, I turned again to have a glance at her face. I saw her cuddling with her pet scorpion, and she stopped when she noticed my presence. 

Strange. Who has a dangerous scorpion as a class pet?

I left to get a cab home. Since I had no more classes, I figured why not go back home to rest.

As I walked towards the college gate, someone’s hand grabbed mine, dragging me back from the gate. Right there, I found my lips smoothing onto the lips of Yugo, a city college star athlete.

What the fuck?

I pushed him off, pissed by what had just happened.

“What the heck is wrong with you?! How dare you kiss me?!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Yugo’s eyes went wide for a second.

“I’m sorry, it was only a dare,” he said as he glanced back at Rita and her friends.

“What?! Did they ask you to kiss me?!”

I turned and walked to them.

“Tell me, what the fuck was that?!” I hit my hand at their table.

Rita and her friends rose up at the same time as if they wanted to hit me.

“What do you mean, freak?” Rita cursed as her friends laughed.

I looked at them, watching as they all grinned at the comments Rita had just made me.

“What did you just call me?” I got upset.

“What? Aren’t you a freak?” She approached me. “You’re a freak. The well-known lawyers have a freak daughter,” she whispered to my ear when she got closer, a lot nearer to me.

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