Book cover of “The Brothers Are My Mates“ by Miranda West

The Brothers Are My Mates

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Miranda West
“Calm down…” I advised them, emphasizing caution. Luke and Duke were about to undo my bra, their hands hesitantly approaching my back. “Oh, you adventurous girl,” Duke approached me with determination. “You’ve done this before, right?” I shook my head, unable to find my voice. “I’ve never…” I began, overwhelmed by my emotions, struggling to find... 

Chapter 1

“Calm down…” I advised them, emphasizing caution. Luke and Duke were about to undo my bra, their hands hesitantly approaching my back. Luke, with his captivating blue eyes and tousled blonde hair, exuded desire. It felt surreal to have both of them in my bed, next to me, ready for an intimate encounter. Duke’s dark eyes glistened with anticipation as he moved closer. After months of exchanging letters, they were finally here, ready to fulfill the promises we had made.

As my bra slipped off, I turned to face them, revealing a part of myself. Their hands instinctively paused, taking a moment to compose themselves.

“Oh, you adventurous girl,” Duke exclaimed, breaking any self-consciousness I had about my body. With their athletic builds and chiseled abs, both Duke and Luke made me feel desired — a sensation I never thought possible with my curvy figure.

My physical activities mainly revolved around attending classes, studying for long hours, or occasionally going out with my roommate, Kayla. The urge to ask them to leave my dorm room faded away as I saw the undeniable desire gleaming in their eyes. It was my final year at university, a time when the actions of people like me held little consequence.

Duke approached me with determination, his voice tinged with a low growl. “You’ve done this before, right?”

I shook my head, unable to find my voice. Wanting something in theory was one thing, but experiencing it firsthand was a different matter altogether. I had never been with anyone, let alone two individuals. The explicit desires I had expressed in our email exchanges seemed easy to articulate in writing. But facing the reality of the situation was overwhelming. Taking a deep breath, I tried to steady myself and embrace the moment.

This was happening. I had to set aside my fears and allow them to take control, just as I had encouraged them countless times in our correspondence. Yet, they acted as if they were strangers to each other. The seamless way they moved around the room gave off an air of primal instinct as if they were cavemen preparing to claim their prize.

Kneeling before me, Duke gently lowered my skirt and whispered, “I’ve longed for this moment for so long.” His hand tenderly caressed my leg, and I closed my eyes, surrendering to his touch as his fingers traced the contours of my silky pink panties — a pair I had bought with a friend.

She had assured me that this day would come, that my desirable companions would arrive at my doorstep, ready to fulfill my desires. I had purchased the panties jokingly, never imagining it would be these men, the very ones I had been corresponding with, who would bring me to this pivotal moment.

Struggling with the fabric, Duke faced a challenge trying to remove the panties that wedged uncomfortably between my cheeks. The weight I carried in my voluptuous derriere had accumulated from a sedentary lifestyle, neglecting physical activity. Insecurity surrounded this part of my body, making me believe that no one would desire it. But then, unexpectedly, Luke playfully pinched it from behind, and I realized he found it attractive.

Duke, determined to resolve the issue, tenderly kissed my stomach and swiftly tore the fabric apart, freeing me from the discomfort. Standing exposed before both men, a wave of dizziness washed over me. At that moment, I couldn’t help but feel envious of Kayla, who effortlessly juggled three boyfriends. She seemed to have it all — multiple partners at her disposal and the confidence I yearned for. That’s why I sought solace in initiating our email exchanges.

Through the safety of my keyboard, I felt brave and fearless. But when faced with the reality of being in their presence, my courage faltered.

Duke’s caresses danced across my chest, leaving a trail of sensation. His fingers traced the contours of my body, ascending towards my upper body with care and tenderness. With ease, he lifted me into his arms, our half-naked forms intertwined. Placing me delicately on the table, he treated me like a precious gem, evoking laughter from my lips.

Emerging from the haze, I discovered Luke gently stroking my hair as I lay sprawled on the table.

“I’ve never…” I began, overwhelmed by my emotions, struggling to find the right words. Their touches ignited a symphony of moans from my lips. It was daytime, and the world around us felt deserted, as if everyone was attending their classes, just as I should have been. In the midst of our intimate moment, a knock on the door shattered the tranquility, and Luke eagerly went to open it.

“Ah, he’s here!” Luke exclaimed, his voice filled with anticipation. I wanted to voice my objections, but I was too slow to react.

Ruke had arrived. Fear coursed through me, causing me to jolt upright from the bed, screaming.

“No, not all three!”

That was when I realized I was alone in bed. There was no one beside me, and I quickly understood that it was merely a dream and not a real experience. Laughter filled the room, and I turned to see Kayla standing nearby. Her dark eyes sparkled with amusement as she casually gathered her long hair into a bun — the same routine she followed before her regular morning jog.

“Wow, that dream was steamy!” Kayla said. “You were making some interesting noises. I was about to make a swift exit, thinking the next move would involve some intense self-pleasure. No offense, we’re close, but just not that close!”

She playfully turned and headed towards the door while I slumped back onto the bed. Reality hit me hard. I had been deceiving myself. I hadn’t even contacted the SEALs, and truth be told, I didn’t even know what they looked like. Yet, here I was, indulging in vivid fantasies in bed. It was utter madness. I entered my final year at Yale with the intention of focusing on my studies and graduating. I had hoped for something exciting and new, but the label of “Plain Jane” that haunted me since high school still clung to me, stubbornly persisting year after year.

“Yeah, go ahead and jog. Meanwhile, I’ll bring out my trusty companion!” I exclaimed with a mix of frustration and determination. My eyes remained closed as I let my words hang in the air. Fantasy was all I had, given my circumstances. The echoes of “Plain Jane” from my past still reverberated, and I had internalized that label.

Reaching for my cherished vibrator, affectionately named Aldo, I prepared to immerse myself in my fantasies. It was my solace, my only escape. I teetered on the edge of pleasure, nearing the pinnacle of ecstasy, when suddenly, I was jolted by the sound of the door slamming, confirming that Kayla had left for her jog around campus.

Aldo, my ever-faithful companion, was discreetly tucked under my pillow. It had become the closest thing to intimacy my own body had experienced. With Aldo, I could journey to that special place that had remained elusive for far too long.

“Aldo, it’s time to work your magic!” I whispered eagerly, a mix of anticipation and longing in my voice.

I discreetly placed the sleek plastic toy in my hand, positioning it just below my chin. As I glided the smooth silicone shaft over my lips, I moistened it with my saliva. The sensation of the tip teasing my entrance gave me a glimpse of pleasure yet to come. With the toy caressing my engorged clitoris, my thoughts wandered to the intriguing SEALs who had captured my imagination for months.

Reality crashed back in, and I confronted a truth I had recently acknowledged — I had become dependent on sexual gratification. These nightly encounters were the only way to satiate my desires. While I derived immense pleasure from self-exploration, it couldn’t compare to the intimacy of a real connection. Sharing my secret with anyone was out of the question, as I feared judgment and uncomfortable conversations. However, as my graduation approached, I found myself yearning for sexual exploration, eager to delve deeper into my own desires and discover more about my own body.

But fear held me back from putting myself out there. Past experiences have taught me that committed relationships were not my forte. I had dated numerous individuals over the years, but none of those connections had lasted more than a few weeks. And that was perfectly okay. Embracing this realization had been empowering — I didn’t require someone else to complete me; I only needed to rely on myself.

However, now… I desired more.

A part of me craved a romantic encounter, desiring affection and love from a partner. Simultaneously, another part yearned for an anonymous adventure, a safe space to explore my deepest desires without fear or shame.

And so, I found myself facing a dilemma — how could I satisfy both cravings?

“Oh, Aldo, you’ve been my faithful companion lately,” I whispered, leaning forward and placing my hands on the mattress, knees bent in the air. I reveled in the toy’s smooth surface and pliable texture as my fingers danced along its length.

“Let’s begin, my trusted ally. You understand the desires within my heart like no one else. Let’s give those SEALs a run for their money.” Lowering my hips, I inched closer to the bed’s edge. My body trembled with anticipation as the toy’s tip made contact with my entrance.

Aldo had been my sole outlet for sexual gratification for years. Its pleasurable sensations were unparalleled, leaving me satisfied and fulfilled. Yet, I yearned for more. With a mouth slightly agape in anticipation, I prepared myself for the upcoming moment.

Slowly, I pressed forward, gradually inserting the toy’s tip into my core. A gasp escaped my lips as the smooth silicone shaft glided between my folds, evoking a wave of pleasure. I relished the sensation for a moment before thrusting forward, the toy disappearing from view. Soon, my quivering thighs signaled the imminent arrival of release.

Thoughts of the SEALs — Luke and Duke — filled my mind, imagining how they might treat me. Would they approach me with tenderness or embrace a more assertive demeanor? Would they desire my pleasure first, or would they assert control from the beginning?

Ultimately, it didn’t matter. They were all the same — men.

They sought something from me, and despite my efforts to resist, I always ended up giving in.

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